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TDK Earphones by dr.dre TH-EB800 (Black)

TDK Earphones by dr.dre TH-EB800 (Black)

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Product Description

Dr.Dre TDK Earphones TH-EB800 are back! These superb quality headphones have been designed to add up to the personality of today's fashion conscious crowd. With its optimized capability to deliver extreme comfort, it has an in- ear- canalphone, delivering unbelievably superior sound quality. It is ideal for all the music lovers who just cant do without a good pair of earphones. Providing you with a wired connectivity with the audio source device, it fulfills all your requirements in a good earphone set. It is compatible with all the devices offering a

5mm jack port, and is suitable to use with iPhones, iPods and other music devices. It rather compliments your experience with your music device. It is also compatible and works well with online voice or video chat.

To make you stand out from the crowd, the Tour High Resolution in- ear headphones have both amazing functionality and features as well as good looks. Sporting a nearly one inch long ear bud, it also has a long and comfortable arm that holds the ear buds into place. The earphones take the shape to comfortably fit in your ears and give you an amazing experience with all kinds of audio that you would ever test it with. The thick cable used in these earphones is made up of a highly durable material with magnetic flux tube technology, which enables you to enjoy every bit of crystal clear music that you hear through them. The cable terminates into a

5mm connector, which, as mentioned herein above, is compatible with a wide variety of devices. The wire material used in these earplugs is highly constructive and provides clear audio with minimal loss in signal, details and reduced interference. It brings you clear sound quality, coming with maximum detail. The headset is well equipped with efficient driver that produces appropriately loud sound without any disruption and distortion. The control panel houses the microphone which ensures clear voice signals being sent and minimizes any disturbances that might affect your voice. This panel also has little buttons for music play, pause, forward and backward. With these, you can even answer or end your calls with superb ease. The Dr.Dre headset produces a deep resounding bass and high level of treble that makes the sound highly clear and recognizable for any beats that an otherwise used handset might miss. The crispy sound and enjoyable music come through this incredibly light and easy to carry earphones. These earphones provide you with the best sound quality in a very attractive price! To add up to all that, it has a driver diameter of about 10mm that works with the frequency range of 20-20,000Hz. The cord length is an easy and suitable


The product 'Dr.Dre TDK Earphones TH-EB800' has been prepared by the experts and the specialised staff of 'Waveclues', under impeccable professional working conditions. It has been tested to work flawlessly under duress and all such dire conditions to give you the most wholesome end user experience. Over the years, they have garnered a highly extensive nation-wide popularity thanks to their product quality, customer service, and marketing expertise. Its fan following is growing as the day passes by. Hence, it would be safe to mention that the product stocks are limited. So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and buy this product exclusively from at a very reasonable price.

Product Details
Manufacturer Part Number TDK-01
Brand TDK

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