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Mono Table Clock Digital Camera With Remote

Mono Table Clock Digital Camera With Remote

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Product Description

Sometimes you might not really want a camera with difficult settings and host of functions. You would rather like to settle for a simpler digital camera that will be easier to use. In that case, what will you do?

Well, there are plenty of small and portable digital cameras out there in the market. However, this one is a bit different from what you have commonly seen all over the place. This Mono Table Clock Digital Camera with Remote is something unique because it is not just a digital camera but a digital clock too. So, you are going to get the better of two things packed in this camera, which will surely make it a great deal for you. This is a digital alarm clock that comes with a digital camera and has a typical motion sensor as well. This is a perfect combination of a hidden or undetectable alarm clock as well as a unique and practical surveillance tool or gadget. You can use it as an alarm clock because it has features to give you accurate time. It maintains time and you will be able to customize it just the way you want. Because it works like a surveillance device, you can also set it up in your office, home, or shop for monitoring whatever action is going on. This is not just any ordinary digital camera but more of a surveillance or hidden camera.

This camera can actually detect everything that is going on around the place where it has been placed. It looks like a digital clock, which becomes an alibi for the digital camera. Wherever you place it, nobody will be able to know that there is a camera inside. It works just fine and will ensure that everything is recorded perfectly. This camera is just an excellent covert way of keeping an eye on everything that is happening in and around that place for some time. In fact, as long as the digital clock is operational, it will be able to record everything. So, you will have nothing to be worried about when you are using this device. For instance, at any shop, this device will be very effective in catching shoplifters or even employees with wrong motives and intensions. In addition, it can also be used as a removable disk as well as PC camera. So, you are basically going to enjoy best of both the worlds. You can now buy Mono Table Clock Digital Camera with Remote online and use it wherever you like.

There are some exclusive features of this outstanding digital clock based digital camera. Before you shop Mono Table Clock Digital Camera with Remote online, you must note the features of this device. It comes with 5 distinct key operations - HR, MIN, LIGHT, SET, and TALK/SNZ. There are 3 bits and half more for displaying hours and minutes. The time display of the digital clock can shift from 12 hour format to 24 hour format. There are features for multiple alarming sounds for option such as cock, beep, five sweet songs and crowing. The alarm clock comes with a lazy mode too, which has a time interval of 10 minutes each. The alarming times can be chosen at your own free will. You can reach 6 at the most with this device. There are 2 optional hourly chime functions in this device as well. The alarm clock signals beep sound, which gets louder from slight to medium, and medium to loud. This duration can normally last for a minute. Whenever any song is selected as the alarm sound, the hour chime will start after the end of the alarm.

So, before you shop online, you should check out the entire kit of Mono Table Clock Digital Camera with Remote, which comes well packed with various features and functions. You will get the best deal; there's no doubt about it.

Product Details
Manufacturer Part Number Digital Camera With Remote
Brand Mono
Model Number Table Clock Digital Camera With Remote
Item Package Quantity 1
Warranty 30 Days Seller Warranty

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