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The Taj Conspiracy

The Taj Conspiracy

Product Specifications
Language English
Binding Paperback
Publisher Westland Limited
Keynote: A fast-paced thriller set against the backdrop of the the Taj Mahal. Key Features The subject of the book - the Taj Mahal, conspiracies, right-wing parties, is very topical and will definitely arouse interest amongst readers. About the Book: The Taj Conspiracy Mughal scholar Mehrunisa Khosa stumbles on a conspiracy to destroy the Taj Mahal when she discovers the murder of the Taj supervisor, and the Quranic calligraphy on the tomb of Queen Mumtaz altered to suggest a Hindu origin of the Taj Mahal.? That urban legend had always existed. Now, though, someone was conspiring to make it come true. In the case of the famed marble monument, all was not on the surface. A vast labyrinth ran underneath- closed to visitors - where Mehrunisa was trapped once. In a series of suspenseful twists and turns, the action traverses from the serene splendour of Taj Mahal to the virulent warrens of Taj Ganj, from intrigue-laden corridors of Delhi to snowy Himalayan hideouts?. As a right-wing Hindu ... See more
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  1.  Taj Mahal at its Best 13 August, 2013 On
    I came to know about Manreet in Twitter. She is a well educated author who is again down to earth. She always replies back to the tweets.

    This book has covered extensively about Taj Mahal. There were lot of confusion over the construction and the history of Taj Mahal. There were also lot of rumors that is associated with it. This is kind of a Religious thing which no one would dare to touch it but Manreet has written it so beautifully without hurting any one's religious sentiments.

    The flow of the story was so good that no one would want to stop in between without finished reading it in full. I finished reading it at a stretch in one single day. There were lots of twists and turns in the story and she had conveyed the message what she wanted to in the end of the story which is really appreciated.

    I can proudly say "India also has a list of Eminent Authors who can challenge international Writers"....
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