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Teakwood sofa cum bed in solid structure

Teakwood sofa cum bed in solid structure

Brand BIC
Material Teakwood
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Overview: Teakwood sofa cum bed in solid structure

The bed is quite an important piece for furniture in your home. It is a place to which you can retire to relax after a long day at work. If you're looking for nice bed for your house, you might want to pick one that is comfortable as well as stylish. Why not get a sofa cum bed and place it in the spare room or the living room?

You can use it as a sofa and seat visitors on it during the day and have guests who are staying over sleep on it during the night. This is especially a great idea for houses that have space constraints and hence cannot accommodate a lot of furniture. This multi-purpose piece of furniture will make an excellent addition to your home.

Comfortable Design

Moreover, it gives you a good night's sleep, as it properly supports your body.

This long-lasting teakwood bed is sure to give you a comfortable slumber, as it is quite large when pulled out. You can be sure that it has more than enough room for you to sleep. It offers you a very firm support for your back, so you can avoid the health issues that you would normally have because of sleeping in an incorrect position. Its durable quality ensures that this piece of Teakwood furniture will last you a long time, which makes it a great investment.

Stylish and Functional

It has a solid structure and has been skilfully crafted from high quality Teakwood into a beautiful design. It's simple yet comfortable design lets you get in and out of bed easily, while the rich looking wood gives your home an impressive look. It is sure to add a lot of style to your decor and look like a charming centrepiece in your living room. It is a wonderful piece of furniture that will look stunning on your patio as well.

Since it is crafted from wood, it is sure to blend in perfectly with your existing furniture without looking out of place.

Product Details
Brand BIC
Material Teakwood

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