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Flockers (PS4)

Flockers (PS4)

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Overview: Flockers

Gaming like Never Before

Puzzles are always fun to solve, especially if they have an added element of intrigue and suspense to them. Games of this particular genre have always had their place marked, no matter what goes on in the market. Other games may come and go, but this is a category that hardly ever falls short of expectations, because let's face it, everybody loves a cleverly laid out riddle, and solving them is always a fun experience. Now, a puzzle in itself is a joyride, but imagine an intricately weaved tale of intrigue and mystery wrapped around it. It can only get better from there. Speaking of which, developers Team 17 of the Worms games fame, brings you the Flockers which is now available on PS4. As mentioned before, this follows the old story and extends it, while adding quite the copious amount of blood and gore to maintain the element of thrill. It is the perfect present-day approach to the traditional A to B style puzzle and incorporates enough insidious devices and malevolent plots to make this one of the toughest puzzle games you have ever played. This game is certainly designed keeping gaming pleasures at the highest for it is sure to guarantee you absolute fun.

Succumb to the Cuteness of the Flockers

Flockers pick up where the sheep were being held and employed by the worms; they were an unwilling yet vital part of their weaponry. But now, after twenty years, the sheep have woken up and decided that they wanted their freedom back, and are preparing to break free from their devilish overlords and escape the weapons factory. But here's the catch: in order to do so, they have to overcome fiendishly fatal contraptions, cunning traps and such as the sheep navigate their way out of the workshop. The developers have designed the game stupendously well, so that every level provides a unique challenge, testing the strategizing capabilities and mental prowess of the player as they help the sheep manoeuvre past sly snares, vicious mechanisms and devious riddles and run off to their liberation. Flockers also consists of online leader boards, which allow you to place yourself against other players and compete for different positions and ratings, such as fastest time in story mode etc. the background score in the game ensures that you remain on the edge of your seat with a lingering chill in your veins. And to top all these crazy features off, is the brand-new Meat Maker, which is an inspired piece of work. It is level designer, which allows you to devise your very own ruthless and ultra-complex puzzles and also lets you work your way across the ones created by others. Taking all of these attributes into account, this is definitely one of the finest puzzle games you will come across today. So stop wondering and pick your copy today, and lend the sheep a helping hand on their way to liberation.

Features: Flockers

  • Powerful Level Creation Tool: Flockers also includes the "Meat Maker", a powerful level designer, giving players the power to design their own deadly puzzles! Share your own creations with the community and play challenging levels created by other Flockers players!
  • Online Leaderboards: Players compete against their friends and other Flockers players in an attempt to get the fastest time on a level and the fastest time in the story mode overall. Player performance is assessed via a star rating system encouraging players to perfect each level.
  • Digital Soundtrack: Enjoy the juxtaposition of the flock's light-hearted naivety set against a backdrop of dark and sinister foreboding with the Flockers soundtrack!
  • The Worms Legacy: A brand new IP from the creators of Worms, Flockersis a modern day take on the classic A to B puzzle genre with a generous helping of dark humour for good measure.
  • Endless Replayability: Compete against friends and other Flockersplayers in an attempt to get the fastest time and save as many sheep as possible! Player performance is assessed via a star rating system encouraging players to perfect each level.
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 17 cm x 13.5 cm x 1.5 cm

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