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Tempered Glass Screen Scratch Protector Guard for Samsung Galaxy Grand II

Tempered Glass Screen Scratch Protector Guard for Samsung Galaxy Grand II

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Product Description

Protections of mobile phones are highly essential, since cell phones are no longer a mere device to just make calls. It has huge number of applications that has become an important part of the common man's life today. With the advent of high end phones, protecting them has also become complicated and essential. Since today, most of the activities like checking mails, sending important messages, making business calls, video chatting, placing online orders and many such tasks are accomplished through our highly enabled mobile phones. Since, phones are used so often, they also tend to be subjected to damages and safety issues also quite regularly. So, what is the solution? Should we stop using our cell phones altogether and just keep it safely in our pouches inside the bags, or just forget taking them outdoors? Well, the answer to these questions is that since we can't imagine our daily day to day life and activities without our smart phones, what we need to do is to obtain a reliable and flexible cover that serves as a protection case and screen guard for the mobile phone. One of the best known mobile protective devices that is available in the market currently is brought to you by the Generic brand and is the Tempered Glass Screen Scratch Protector Guard. Compatible with the Samsung Galaxy Grand II series of phones, this is one of the most trustworthy protective case that is sure to give you relieve as to how to store and care for your precious cell phone.

Product Overview

This is one of the best tempered glass screen scratch protector guard available in the market. This Screen Scratch Guard highlights your entire phone's look and gives it a classy finish. Uniquely designed to match the taste of the present youth, this gives the entire cell phone an elegant and stylish appearance. This attractive protective device ensures that your mobile phone is securely protected from dirt and debris no matter how minute it is. It has a specialized screen guard as well which along with the cover case prevents scratches in all form. The phone's display is guarded from all types of scratch prone effects.

Product Features

It has a unique artistic design, which is sure to satisfy all its users. It has been designed to pertain to its purpose and completely be useful for the functionality it is intended to perform. It has been designed appropriately for your precious smart phone. It can be very easily placed on your phone as well as removal of it is also very simple. As is obvious from its name, this protective case cover is made from tempered glass. Being forged this way, it serves to carry a great amount of strength, unlike other plastic case covers or screen protectors. Due to the presence of this it is ensured that no form of scratches or distortions affects the screen in any manner. Also, it feels smooth to touch such that you will not require to drag your fingers. It has been devised to ensure complete protection of the phone from dirt, damages and scratches. The ports of the phone can also be easily accessible such that plugging in your earphone or the charger doesn't get difficult at all. This gives an overall smart look to your mobile phone. Removing it is easier as well, since it doesn't leave behind any form of gummy residue when taken off. It is forged with tempered glass which does not get break apart into pieces like the usual regular glasses that you see around. Also, the design enables your phone's screen to be free of any fingerprint marks due to the presence of a oleophobic covering over it. The only care that gives you better results is to place the screen cover in a dust free environment and without applying too much pressure or force.

It provides your phone absolute protection, while you are on the go. This stands out to be the best available and wonderful looking mobile phone screen safeguard. You should own this to protect your delicate and precious mobile phone from all forms of damages, whether minor or major.

Product Details
Manufacturer JAIFAON
Manufacturer Part Number grandIIX1033
Model Number grandiiX1033
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 16.4 cm x 11.5 cm x 1 cm

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Overall Rating 3.3 out of 5 stars
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