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Tenergy BC1HU AA/AAA/C/D/9V Smart Battery Charger NiMH NiCD AD

Tenergy BC1HU AA/AAA/C/D/9V Smart Battery Charger NiMH NiCD AD

Brand Tenergy
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Product Description

Charger (May be the Best Charger in the Market) * Easy to use FAST and Universal for different types of batteries (AA AAA C D and 9V). * Powered by an external 110V-240V /50~60Hz AC adapter * Intelligent microprocessor controlled * With negative delta V (- delta V) cut-off function for better life time battery performance * Use constant current pulse charging system * Each charging group is individual programmable in its function * Recharges batteries in all capacities - 1 to 4pcs AAA AA C D and 1 to 2pcs 9V * Ni-MH and Ni-Cd batteries can be mixed to charge at the same time * Recharges batteries in single or group * Automatic charge and discharge function * Automatic charge/discharge current selection for the different size of batteries * Identification of defective cells * Over temperature and short circuit protection * With protection against wrong polarity * Individual LED to indicate discharge fast charge and trickle charge * With maximum charging timer control for overcharge protection * Charging time for different types of empty batteries: * Packing: Each in a gift box Battery Size Battery Capacity (mAh) Charging TimeAAA 180mAh-1000mAh 1- 3.5 hrsAA 500mAh-2700mAh 1.5 - 5 hrsC 1200mAh-5500mAh 2.5 - 5.5 hrsD 1200mAh-10000mAh 3-10.5 hrs9V Block 100mAh-250mAh 6-11 hrs
  • Cell Size Compatible: AA/AAA/C/D/9V
  • Compatible Chemistry: NiMH/NiCD
  • Use constant current pulse charging system
  • Recharges batteries in single or group
  • Identification of defective cells
Product Details
Manufacturer Tenergy
Brand Tenergy
Model Number 01119
Item Package Quantity 1

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  1.  Brilliant product 2 March, 2015 On
    Have been using this for a month and is a great product to have for rechargeable batteries.

    The charger has ability to detect bad batteries, full discharge and charge (for NiCd) or simple charge (for NiMh). It also has a auto cutoff (with indicator) which stops charging once the battery is fully charged.

    A great buy and worth every rupee spent!
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