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Terabyte Combo of Laptop Accessories

Terabyte Combo of Laptop Accessories

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Product Description

Terabyte is a popular brand in the contemporary arena of laptop accessories. In the past few years it has come up with very useful accessories and add-ons which have helped users to use and maintain laptop with much ease and comfort. Its recent launch of the amazing Terabyte Laptop Accessory Combo is a spectacular combination of all the necessary items and objects one will require a fruitful and easy laptop operating session. The Terabyte Laptop Accessory Combo contains six such useful laptop accessories in the like of pair of headphones, a pair of laptop speakers, a screen cleaning kit, a keyboard protective film, a mini USB mouse and last but not the least a laptop screen guard. You can get all these in one single pack and that too from the comfort of your home as you can shop for the Terabyte Laptop Accessory Combo online and get the delivery at your very doorstep in the matter of few working days. The cash on delivery option is also available for you to have a fruitful, hassle-free and much easier transaction session and experience. Other than that the status of the shipment of the Terabyte Laptop Accessory Combo can also be tracked online by entering the shipment code. This is indeed a must buy kit for all laptop users to ensure the device's long lasting service.

Mini USB Mouse:

All laptops come with a track pad to control the cursor. But there are still users who are more comfortable in using the mouse to control the cursor and operate the laptop. For this very purpose the Terabyte Laptop Accessory Combo offers a sensational mini USB mouse. It is easy to plug in and once you are done with it, it is ready to use. The compact size makes it easy to carry around in the laptop bag. It also featured a scroll rim to scroll up and down on the laptop screens and also features a transparent base through which bright and vibrant LED lit comes out to ensure the proper connectivity of the mouse with the laptop. In addition to this it also makes the ambiance look appealing in which you are working on your laptop. It is made of durable plastic which wound accumulate scratches and hairline cracks on its surface even after years of usage. Being featured with advanced chip-set system it would work at lightning speed.

Keyboard Protective Film:

Since the keyboard is one of the most prime important part of the laptop, it needs to dealt with care. In case this part gets damaged the entire functioning of the laptop gets collapsed. A general trend is observed that laptop users prefer tea or coffee while using the laptop which simultaneously gives rise to the possibility of the hot beverage being spilled on the keypad. This might lead to the seeping of the hot drink inside the chip set mechanism and spoiling the hardware. This in order to avoid such a situation, this keyboard protective film comes in this amazing Terabyte Laptop Accessory Combo. It comes in accurate carved out bulges for the buttons and measures the exact dimension of the keypad. It is made of high quality durable and transparent material and covers up the keyboard from any undesired adversities which would otherwise hamper its performance.

Screen Cleaning Kit:

The display screen of any laptop is the heart of the device. Any operations and programming which takes place gets reflected on the display screen. Ranging from office work or playing games to watching movies or editing graphics and videos, the display screen plays the most important part. Thus it falls back upon the user to take care of it as per the protection, maintenance and cleaning is concerned. The Terabyte Laptop Accessory Combo offers a sensational screen cleaning kit which removes any sort of dust, stains and dirt from the surface of the screen.

Laptop Screen Guard:

The laptop screen guard is 100 % transparent and exhibits an extremely glossy surface. Though it does not gives undesired glares under direct sunlight which would otherwise burn and demean the viewing of the laptop display screen while you are using it. It is provided with high quality glue which gets attached with the screen with ease and does not make it too messy. The shape of this amazing Screen Guard is exactly carved out to perfectly fit on the screen of the laptop. It comes in a rectangle shape and covers up the front surface of the laptop. The applying and taking off process of this screen guard is very easy. You can also try it out on your own at home. You just need to remove the back cover of the screen guard and slowly paste and apply it on the laptop screen. Do make it sure that there is no unattended and loose edge and corners. Make the placing perfect so that it covers up the entire screen. After it is done, wipe the screen with a piece of dry cloth just to make it sure that there are no air bubbles trapped in between the screen guard and the display screen. This accessory provides added protection to the laptop screen and boosts up its durability.

Pair of Headphones:

It comes in an electric black colour and is designed in such a way that it effectively eliminates all outside noise and allows the listener to enjoy the true flavour of high quality sound. This pair of headphones is adjoined by a long cable which is also black in colour. It discards chances of tangling. This has sponge padded cushions which provide comfort to you during long hours of usage. You will not feel any unease in your ears. The feather-light ear cups allow you to easily wear the Lime over the head without having any uneasy feeling. This new age pair of headphones works at high frequency and easily converts any sound energy to electrical energy and vice-versa. In spite of being loaded with striking features, this pair of headphones is assured to provide you with several years of hassle free usage. It is ideally meant for everyone who wishes to experience good quality sound and music. The back of this amazing pair of Headphones is featured with stylish design which apparently boosts up the look of this amazing pair of headphones. It is designed in such a manner that it discards all possibilities of tangling which could make you feel uncomfortable while using it. It eliminates ambient noise thereby making your listening experience pleasurable. You just need to ensure that it is not kept in a tangled manner when not in use. It also has a speaker for taking part in video calls.

Pair of Laptop Speakers:

This pair of laptop speakers emits stereo quality sound. It comes in an electrifying black and grey shade. The uniquely crafted design of the amazing pair of laptop speakers will catch your attention at the first sight. It is remarkable to find such an electronic musical and sound emitting gadget accompanied by such mind-blowing features. This is a must-buy for all music lovers. Grab the pair of laptop speakers for your laptop and experience music and sound. The compact sizes of the sub units will not take much place to fit in.

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