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Terabyte 3D Optical wired USB Mouse in Black

Terabyte 3D Optical wired USB Mouse in Black

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Interface USB
Size Small

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Product Description

For a computer system, mouse is an important accessory. With the help of a mouse, one can select any item in a computer system with ease. Today, a wide variety of mouse is available in the market such as optical, mechanical, 3D, laser, double, inertial and much more. In the late 90th Century, optical mouse gets popular when it was first shipped as an extra feature with computer systems. As compared to the traditional ball mouse, an optical mouse is easy to use due to its optical technology.

Types of Mouse:

Optical Mouse:

More like a mechanical mouse, an optical mouse uses Light Emitting Diodes (LED) and photodiodes technology; these two are generally present under the mouse that detects the movement. Latest optical mouse uses an optoelectronic (low-resolution camera) sensor that takes images in a continuous succession as the mouse moves this determines how far the mouse has moved. Today, when the cost of a computer become cheap it is possible to pack a mouse with more powerful features such as image processing chips and special functions.

Moreover, the latest optical mouse works on any surfaces, but there are some exceptions such as mirror, glass and some other mirror like surfaces. The colors of the LED diodes are generally red and are inexpensive. However, red diodes are not so much common as blue light emitting diodes. An optical mouse do not have any moving parts that leaves any room for mechanical error and unlike the ball mouse, optical mouse are less breakable. A battery powered light emitting optical mouse glows steadily when it detects movement. However, rest of the time it intermittently flashes to save power.

While a mechanical mouse needs a soft and even ground to perform its task, an optical mouse can work at any surface. It translates the motion of the mouse with the motion of the pointer on the screen; this is why it didn't need any mouse pad. Due to its user-friendly and easy to use features, optical mouse have become popular these days. Optical computer mouse shifts from one frame to another with the help of image processing area of the chips.

Laser Mouse:

Another type of mouse is a laser mouse that uses infrared laser to light the surface under it. Unlike the optical mouse, it increases the image resolution and point more accurately with a faster rate. This type of mouse has a power usage that is more efficient than other types of mouse. The infrared laser technology increases the resolution of the image taken by the mouse; the laser mouse has twenty times more surface tracking power than the conventional type of mouse. A glass mouse can also be operated in a mirror like or transparent surfaces.

Optical or Laser Mouse which One to Choose?

As both of them have good features, choosing a mouse, solely depends on your choice. A laser mouse emits infrared light that is invisible to the naked eye. The common range of optical mouse is around 400 to 800 dpi. However, the range of a laser mouse is 2000 dpi. It is for this reason that laser mouse can track more precise and accurate movement as compared to an optical mouse. Laser mouse is more sensitive than optical mouse this is why professional graphic designers mostly use it. However, due to its sensitivity an optical mouse can be distracting for some user who wants to simply browse the web or check mails.

Terabyte's 3D Optical Wired USB Mouse:

Terabyte's 3D Optical Wired USB Mouse is a superior optical navigational tool. It has a range of 1000 dpi and an optical sensor with 3000 frames/sec. Moreover, it has a wheel scrolling function that comes with a surprisingly low price. With the growing technology, this computer mouse has emerged as a useful tool that has innumerable advantages. Terabyte's 3D optical wired USB mouse in black is a suitable tool for any requirement as it is cost effective and easy to handle.

Product Features

  • new brand
  • nice product
Product Details
Size Small
Manufacturer Terabyte
Brand Terabyte
Model Number TB-36B
Colour Name Black
Item Package Quantity 1
Technical Specification
Interface USB

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