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Cashew - Kaju
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Cashew - Kaju

Brand The Chocolatte House
Product Weight 200 grams
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Product Description

The world is growing at a massive rate. These days, people are getting busier with the daily toils of their lives. We tend to get so preoccupied with our struggles to earn a livelihood that stress starts to take a major toll on our health. Health is the first thing that tends to get deteriorated with the onset of stress. With the extreme busy life that each one of us has, we often fail to look after our health by eating healthy food and that too at the right time. However, it is a known fact that only with good health we can do well in life. At such a situation, dry fruits play a very important part. They become very handy as they are the best source of proteins and vitamins that are essential for our well being. With a handful of dry fruits like Cashew nuts, we are sure to get nourished and energised at anytime.


The Chocolatte House is one of the most renowned brands dealing with dry fruits and various other products. They are known to bring to the customers products of ultimate quality. Customer demand has been increasing rapidly for dry fruits by this brand. Ample attention and care is taken by the experts of the brand to bring to the customer high class items as customer satisfaction is their forte. With the name of the brand you will never have to worry and compromise with the quality and taste of the dry fruits. Their products are extremely fresh and will never fail to satisfy you. The way the brand deals with the queries and demands of the brand is simply great. With the products by The Chocolatte House you can never go wrong. Their products are extremely genuine and will benefit you in many ways. No compromise is made on the manufacture of the food items. Hence, the cashew nuts from 'The Chocolatte House' are very safe for consumption.


Cashew nuts that are commonly known as 'kaju' in India are one of the most nutritious dry fruits that are available. The benefit that a person can get with regular consumption of cashews is simply amazing. It has a high class of flavonols that tend to fight against cancer cells and helps prevent colon cancer. Cashews are known to be extremely beneficial to the smooth functioning of the heart. They are cholesterol free and have very useful anti-oxidants that help prevent cardiac diseases. Other than that, cashews help in lowering one's high blood pressure because of the magnesium that is present in the dry fruit. Daily consumption of cashew nuts is extremely healthy for your nerves and bones as well. Apart from the major health benefits that it gives, it has immense excellent properties that can make your hair look more shiny and healthy. They are very high on vitamins and induce sound sleep and relax the mind. With cashew nuts by The Chocolatte House, you are sure to get nourished from within. With a handful of cashew nuts you will feel full and satisfied. You can have them anywhere at any time you want. They are definitely the ultimate snack item that you can have. Carry them along and you will never run out of energy. You can buy online the cashew nuts from The Chocolatte House and get them delivered at your doorsteps with great ease.


BRAND: The Chocolatte House

WEIGHT: 200 grams


TOTAL FAT: 39.3 gm


COPPER: 1.92mg 

ZINC: 4.1 mg

PROTEIN: 14.3 gm

CALCIUM: 15.9 mg

IRON: 5.32 mg

ENERGY: 561 k cal


Cashews are one of the healthiest items of food that one can consume. Store the Cashew nuts in a clean air tight container or in a well zipped pouch. Keep them in a cool and dry place. Always store the nuts at a moderate temperature in the fridge. Do not expose them to extra hot and humid climate. You can always pre-order the cashew nuts for your convenience. Cashews are a great to be gifted well. From children to older people, cashews are very beneficial to people of all ages. You can never get unsatisfied if you shop online cashew nuts by The Chocolatte House. It is definitely a must have item for the well being of your health.

Product Features

  • Premium Quality
  • Hygenically Packed
Product Details
Brand The Chocolatte House
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 200 grams

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