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Theories of Personality, 4ed

Theories of Personality, 4ed

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Language English
Contributor(s) Gardner Lindzey, John B. Campbell Calvin S. Hall
Binding Paperback
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Overview: Theories of Personality

Theories of Personality by the authors Calvin S. Hall, Gardner Lindzey and John B. Campbell provides a detailed study and understanding of various theories laid down by famous psychologists. It also offers in-depth knowledge on personality. The book acquaints its readers with latest research done in this field. Theories of Personality primarily revolves around the four parts focusing exclusively on the theories of Psychodynamics, Personality structure, Growth and Perceived and Learning.

Sigmund Freud's Classical Psychoanalytic Theory has also been stated along with Carl Jung's Analytic theory and Social Psychological theories.

This 4th edition is theory-oriented and this book is the best book ever published on theories of psychology.

Those who study Psychology knows quite well that any clear cut definition cannot be expected in this subject hence, a sound knowledge of all the significant theories of the old school and contemporary Psychology must be focused to ensure a better understanding of the subject, as a whole.

It also is sufficiently enhanced with new and significant chapters like on Bandura, Kelly and Eysenck that will further prove beneficial to its readers.

The paperback edition of the book Theories of Personality has been published by Wiley India in English and has an ISBN10:8126510927 and an ISBN13: 978-8126510924.

The primary author of this book on personality analysis is Calvin S. Hall is an American psychologist who studied the field of dream interpretation and analysis. The first edition of this book was published around 1957. Other notable books by C. S. Hall include The Genetics of Behavior.

If you are seeking a firm footage in the field of Psychology, or want to prosper as a student of Psychology student, it is a must have in your collection. How? Buy online, today.

Product Details
Language English
Publication Date February 6, 2007
Publisher Wiley
Contributor(s) Gardner Lindzey, John B. Campbell Calvin S. Hall
Binding Paperback
Edition Fourth
Page Count 768
ISBN 10 8126510927
ISBN 13 9788126510924
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