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Thinking, fast and slow

Thinking, fast and slow

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Language English
Binding Paperback
Publisher Penguin UK
Thinking Fast and Slow is based on decades of research into human behavior conducted by Daniel Kahneman and his partner Amos Tversky. The latter died in 1996, but before that the duo had demolished one of the long cherished myths of economists - that the humans are always rational and will inevitably make decisions that are based on maximizing utility. In the course of their work, Kahneman and Tversky developed an alternate theory of decision making known as prospect theory. The prospect theory was based on human psychology and so great was its impact that Daniel Kahneman, a psychologist, was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2001.Thinking Fast and Slow takes us on an astonishing journey of the brain and its thinking process. Daniel Kahneman has two fictional figures working in our brain. System 1 is emotional, quick and remarkably agile in making judgments. System 2 is slower, rational, conscious and takes the effort to work things out. All of us love to imagine that we are gove ... See more
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     Great book 26 October, 2014 On
    Have you heard people telling you that if you keep repeating the lies it will become a truth.
    This book answers the question.
    This is a psychology book which everyone can understand. The book explains our behaviours and is very helpful to understand ourselves as well as others.
    There are many demonstrations within the book. The language is very easy and in a flow.
    The book never drags and never feels like a burden.
    I will recommend this book to all of people who are interested in understanding human behaviour.
    Thank you for your feedback Was this review helpful to you?
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