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Time Management (Hindi)

Time Management (Hindi)

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Language Hindi
Contributor(s) Sudhir Dixit
Binding Paperback
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Overview: Time Management

Time can become the most critical aspect of our lives if we do not manage it wisely. Time management is a way to systematize and chart the duration of time spent in doing a specific activity. Like the famous saying "Time and Tide Waits for No Man", an improper management of time can lead to an unproductive routine. Unless and until we prioritise time according to various tasks, it is going to slip away. Unlike money, time once spent can never be earned back. Time Management Hindi paperback by Sudhir Dixit is a handbook that gives step by step methods of time management in a very concise and crisp manner. The author has attempted really well to explain this very important concept with utmost brevity and in lucid language.

Time Management from Manjul Publishing House is a practical guide on time management meant for the common man so that he can make the most of his life. Through his thirty principles, Sudhir Dixit's Time management in Hindi paperback elaborates on how to administrate time for better productivity. Developing the skill for an effective administration of time is a journey indeed. With few simple techniques of planning, organising and prioritising your daily goals, you can easily get habituated to this beautiful art and can attain the desirable work-life balance. Dr. Sudhir Dixit is an inspirational writer who has authored several books like Dhandha: How Gujaratis do Businesses, 101 Mashhoor Brands and Prabhavshali Leadership Ke Sutra. This revised and expanded edition of Time Management in Hindi is an essential read for all the people who want to learn the skillful application of saving time.

Product Details
Language Hindi
Publication Date November 1, 2011
Publisher Manjul Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.
Contributor(s) Sudhir Dixit
Binding Paperback
Edition Revised and Expanded
Page Count 127
ISBN 10 8183220185
ISBN 13 0008183220185
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