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Tomy Learning Curve Captain Calamari
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Tomy Learning Curve Captain Calamari

Brand Tomy
Maximum Age 2 years
Material Textile, Plastic
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Overview: Tomy Learning Curve Captain Calamari

Who wouldn't want to see their kids having a happy growth? The maximum mental growth of a baby happens up till the age of 2 years. Providing your kid with the correct developmental environmental is extremely important. Growth can be fun and interesting when your kid gets to spend time with Tomy Learning Curve Captain Calamari Set.

About the Product

The Captain Calamari, the 8.5" tall adorable pirate octopus is all set to entice your kid with its eight knotty legs. With bright colours and different patterns, the toy will attract your kid's attention within a second. The learning toy is an absolute delight for your little baby at any point of time; during bedtime, during feeding time or when your baby is in the crib.

Along with eight knotty activity legs, the Captain Calamari has a crinkly hat which will delight your kid with sound, and so would do the clacking rings on the octopus's tentacles; Captain Calamari also has with him a rattle and a surprise mirror. Such an enticing look of the beloved octopus will take your baby to a new world of imagination where your angel will be engaged exploring his senses. The toy comes with a handy detachable Lamaze link clip which can be attached at any point to strollers, beds or carriers.

Best suited for babies up to 24 months, Tomy Learning Curve Captain Calamari Set is designed not only to amuse your kids but also to kindle their natural senses in a four ways route. The vibrant colours and patterns of the Captain Calamari toy stimulate the kid's vision senses, the rattles and squeaks of the clacking rings and the crinkly hat help to nurture the auditory senses, the urge to grab and grip the different sorts of textures, the eight legs of the octopus enhance the motor senses and lastly the absolutely amazing character itself, the pirate octopus helps to fine tune the kid's imaginary senses.

Your kid needs happy and healthy growth and this Learning Curve soft toy takes utmost care of that. Providing absolute attention to your little angel till the age of 24 months is extremely important as that's the maximum growth period, both physically and mentally. Tomy Learning Curve Captain Calamri is an all rounder toy cum friend for your kid. Sleeping, crawling, eating, playing, travelling- irrespective of any state your kid is in, the Captain Calamari is your kid's friend, philosopher and guide. With this fun loving pirate octopus, your kid goes on one after the other adventures every moment and builds his own world of amusement. The sound of clacking rings, crinkly hat and rattles constant provide the worldly sound to your little baby while he gets lost in his own imaginary world, enticed with the eight knotty octopus legs.

About the Brand

The creative mind responsible for tons of amazing toys for kids, Learning Curve has come up with the Lamaze Infant Development System which simultaneously works in favour of the kids and also their parents. The motto for Learning Curve lies in the factors which matter most to the parents and i.e. the happiness, comfort and safety of their kids. And the Captain Calamari certainly suffices all the factors parents can care for.

Development of a child is needed at every point of life. And keeping that in mind Learning Curve has brought this amazing octopus with whom your kid is all set to sail off to an adventure. The Captain is no less than a guide for your kid who along with teaching him with the finer lessons of life also provides unlimited amusement. A soft toy based on the philosophy of happy and healthy parenting, Tomy Learning Curve Captain Calamari is your kid's eternal best friend.

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Features: Tomy Learning Curve Captain Calamari

  • Crinkly hat and clacking rings
  • 8 knottie activity legs
  • Rattle and surprise mirror
Product Details
Manufacturer Funskool
Brand Tomy
Model Number LC27068
Colour Name Captain Calamari
Maximum Age 2 years
Target Audience Men
Material Textile, Plastic
Item Package Quantity 1
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 12.7 cm x 10.2 cm x 25.4 cm

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Overall Rating 4.7 out of 5 stars
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  1.  excellent. 21 January, 2014 On
    Lamaze products are always special to me and to my son who is 4 month old.
    I first got lamaze panda during his 1st month then discover book. He will b exploring it. Happy to see .
    Now I got captain calamari. Its an another awesom toy from lamaze.
    Thanks lamaze toys.
    U make my kid explore.
    I recommend lamaze toys to everyone those wants to improve early development skills of their babies...
    Thank you for your feedback Was this review helpful to you?
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