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Toothpaste Dispenser White Color with Toothbrush Holder Bathroom Home Decor (White Color)
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Toothpaste Dispenser White Color with Toothbrush Holder Bathroom Home Decor (White Color)

Lowest online price: 499
Brand PackNBuy
Colour White
Size 5 x 7
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Product Description

Tooth paste dispenser by PacknBuy

It may feel like a silly invention to mankind, but how often have we all faced the situation of pressing on the toothpaste tube hard to squeeze out a tiny dot of toothpaste but eventually on loosening the grip to get the paste on the tooth brush we lose it immediately. The little of what came out goes back in the tube again. At times people often waste a lot of toothpaste in order to squeeze it out from the tube in a hurry. Sometimes we squeeze out so much toothpaste that more than half of it goes wasted as we flush them down the sink. Having a toothpaste dispenser and a tooth brush holder in your bathroom will help you to finish off your routine work quickly and efficiently. In winter mornings, you would not have to touch the cold tube with your hands, you can simply touch the touch-me toothpaste dispenser and the toothpaste will come out automatically. You would not have to use your finger to touch it either; the toothbrush needs to be inserted in the gap below and puch the lever, which will get you the toothpaste on your toothbrush. Even your tooth brushes will be kept in a synchronized way to prevent confusion of understanding which is whose tooth brush. The tooth brush holder itself has classified sections to hang each tooth brush and keep them clean.

This toothpaste dispenser will ensure economic usage and help you to use the toothpaste for a longer time. It is easier to use, hygienic and is very user friendly. Its one-touch method is quite convenient for use. This product does not run on electricity. One would not need to punch in a screw in the wall to install the touch me toothpaste dispenser, rather a 3M double sized adhesive tape is available. It is compatible with all brands and sizes of toothpaste tubes. This product prevents wastage of toothpaste. It holds the toothpaste tube and lets out a quantity of toothpaste that is required for use. This white colour toothpaste dispenser with toothbrush holder is a source of home decoration. It is a must have in your bathroom, for hygienic purposes. Having a toothpaste dispenser and a tooth brush holder will add a wow factor to your bathroom. It will enthrall guests and make them appreciate your choice of product and your concern for hygiene. It will change the look of your bathroom altogether and free you from all the clumsiness that many have in their bathrooms to store toothbrushes and toothpastes. Since the toothpaste dispenser does not require electricity, one can use it anytime of the day irrespective of electrical supply at that time. People who have solar power in their homes can also use the toothpaste dispenser and the toothbrush holder in their bathrooms, since they do not depend on electricity.

This particular brand for years and years has been known to provide the consumers with some of the most top notch products for home and personal use. When one sheds light on home appliances or home decor products or kitchenware or personal care items, only the best will do!

Such products may even be deemed as family products. This product can also be used as a present on festive occasions or house warming parties. You can never go wrong with it!

You can order for this product at a very reasonable rate exclusively at Hurry up, limited period offer.

Product Details

Manufacturer of the product : Packnbuy

Manufacturer's Part Number : HOM1_86

Product Brand : PackNBuy

Product Colour : White brings this product to you at a very exclusive rate. It would only be logical to act fast and act now! Make sure you read all the necessary details including the terms and conditions, before bagging this product for good. Hope you had a happy shopping experience.

Product Features

  • This is a unique Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser for your convenience, Hygienic and Economy in using toothpaste in the bathroom.
  • Its design is very simple and use easily through convenient one-touch method. This awesome toothbrush holder prevents waste of toothpaste.
  • Be compatible with any kind of toothpaste. Don't need to use screw to install touch me toothpaste dispenser. 3M double-sided adhesive tape.
  • The automatic toothpaste dispenser needn't any electrical power.
  • For your hygiene in your bathroom, it is an essential product.
Product Details
Manufacturer Packnbuy
Manufacturer Part Number HOM1_86
Brand PackNBuy
Colour White
Size 5 x 7
Item Package Quantity 1

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