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Beige Soft Tunic
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Beige Soft Tunic

Brand Tops And Tunics
Material 100% POLYESTER
Colour Beige
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Overview: Beige Soft Tunic

Tunics grace the body in a lovely embrace. They are free flowing and have very interesting origins. Essentially, people used to wear almost similar garments in ancient Rome, which was known as tunica in Latin. In fact, what the Romans wore was inspired by a similar ancient garment! So, you see, it has quite a many centuries of heritage. Looking up photos of the ancient Grecians and Romans, you can easily perceive that the basic shape of the tunic has remained unchanged for all these years. On the other hand, also consider the fact that it is a very cool modern garment, that pairs wonderfully with denims.

The Beige solid tunic flatters your body's curves in a graceful way and you need not be surprised if you see one or two heads turn your way when you walk down a busy road or announce your entry into a meeting room. Be prepared to bask in the glory of attention with the soft feel fabric and the eye-pleasing colour that adorns this tunic. Create an unmistakable impression of a lady with flair thanks to this tunic that seeks to enhance your style value up by a notch.

The earthly charm of Beige

Beige has a very quaint impression. It is not exuberant, and neither is it flat. Balanced from the earth tone and deepening the whiteness, Beige can be understood as a pastel shade for the peaceful mind. When it gets applied to such a serene looking tunic, it is bound to elevate your mood and make you ready for the challenges of the day ahead.

The blue lines

Tunics have a waistband. You can buy online this tunic combined with a wide blue waistband that adds charm to your overall attire. Just adjust the knot to your convenience and calibrate it to your hour-glass figure. Do not set it too tight though, because when the silhouette is slightly loose, it is still gracious. The product complements the blue waistband with a blue design loop at the neckline. The combination of the deep blue over the beige background perfectly balances the flowing charm of the garment reaching mid-way upto your knees. Blue is also traditionally a calming colour, but contrasted to the more earthly Beige, it adds that gracious touch of vivacity.

Sleeveless sexiness

Being sexy is always about finding your unique balance of revealing and concealing according to your mood for the occasion. The gracious tunic covers the body in a simple shape, and the sleeveless pattern further makes it elegant. It is the perfect garment for any social occasion where you do not want to be very conspicuous, but you do not want to get lost in the crowd either. With the beige tunic, you do not have to layer your dressing because it keeps your warm in moderate cold. However, you may need an additional stole for the bare hands.

Do make sure you pick up the right tunic for your semi-casual event, seminar, conference or personal function. Order one from's reliable and secure online shopping portal, and you will not be disappointed.

Product Details
Brand Tops And Tunics
Material 100% POLYESTER
Colour Beige

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