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Topware Lunch Box With Insulated Bag (4 Pcs)

Topware Lunch Box With Insulated Bag (4 Pcs)

Brand Topware
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Overview: Topware Lunch Box With Insulated Bag (4 Pcs)

Are you tired of eating cold food or food bought from outside in your office? Are you irritated with oil spilling over inside your bag from in between the gap of your Tiffin box and its lid? If your answer to these questions is yes, then you might not have to look any further because you have come to the right place. Topware brings you Topware Lunch Box With 4 Pieces Food Grade Containers And Insulated Bag Carry To Office. This container is airtight, and has heat retention qualities. So do not wait any longer. Buy the Topware Lunch Box With 4 Pieces Food Grade Containers And Insulated Bag Carry To Office online, and enjoy hot meals without the fear of oil spillage.

An airtight container that is ideal to be carried to office or school

The first thing that will draw your attention is the beautiful bag that Topware provides along with this container. The bag is majorly black in colour. The border of the bag is red in colour. This is shaped in such a fashion so as to make sure that the main container fits perfectly inside it. This ensures that the container sit in an upright position. This is to ensure that you can take out the container without any hassle. The bottom part has a brand logo on it. The main body of the bag is black in colour. The bag is designed in such a fashion that you will find it extremely easy to carry. There are two handles. One is a long one that is attached to its side. This acts as a shoulder strap. The other is a small one near the top so that you can just carry it in your hands. The bag can be fastened by a zipper which is again black in colour. To make sure that the zipper does not cause any friction against your hand when you are carrying it; there is an extra protective flap over the zipper. The main container is semi transparent. This gives you a sneak peek of the deliciousness that awaits you when you open the lid.

Airtight containers have loads of utilities in the modern age. In a time when people are so busy in their professional life, a proper home cooked meal becomes a necessity. Now food is something that everyone likes to enjoy, no matter how little they eat, and what time they eat it at. It is a proven fact that food tastes best when served hot. So much so, that nowadays even ice cream is served with hot brownies. Normal containers do not have heat retention features. This container is built in such a way that you can enjoy your meal hot even hours after it is actually cooked. This container can be used for all purposes. In case you are having vegetables, this container retains the heat, and as a result of which, the vegetables taste great. If you are having non vegetarian, then the heat retention property this container has makes sure that the meat stays moist and soft. This container is built with extremely durable material. In case you want to heat your food up without making too much of a fuss, then you may easily put the containers inside a microwave as this container is microwave safe. If there are any left over food, you may easily put this container in the refrigerator as well, as these containers are freezer safe. Cleansing this container is really easy. You can clean it just like the way you clean any other utensil. If want to put it in a dish washer, go ahead. This container is dishwasher safe too. The R & D department of Topware has developed this container using the latest CNC machines. Hence this container is extremely durable. This container is designed in a way that it is spillage free. So basically, you need not worry about any gravy spilling over. Just make sure that when you are opening the lid, do not open it very close to your body, because, if there is any oil on the inner surface of the lid, there is a possibility that it might drop on your trousers.

Maintenance and Care

This container is very easy to maintain. When you wash them, use luke warm water and liquid soap. Try not to use abrasive scrubbers. If there is any unpleasant odour that you need to get rid of, here is an easy solution. Stuff a piece of charcoal or a moist newspaper inside the container, seal the lid, and put it away in a fridge for 12 hours. That should be good enough. This container does not take up too much space in your kitchen, or in your bag. You can easily gift this on occasion of house warming, or even marriage.

About Topware

Topware has been one of the most trusted names in crockery. Their crockery is extremely trustworthy, and they keep on innovating and improvising on their existing products, with the help of latest available technology. They have a global presence and now, the brand has become sacrosanct with quality.

Key Highlights

Brand: Topware

Container: Semi Transparent

Colour of Bag: Black

Safety Standards: Meets US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) & Japan Polyolefin Hygienic Association standards.

Product Details
Brand Topware
Colour Name Black/Red

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  1.  Very Good Product With A Very Good Quality Bag at Deal Price 19 February, 2015 On
    I bought it from Shopclues on cracker sale deal price on 5th Feb 2015

    The Product received in very good condition and can give 5 Star to the Quality as it has 4 Containers with Good Quality Plastic. One of them can be used as a water bottle or drinking glass. Also the Quality of the Bag is good with good material and zipper.
    If any negative you feel may be the size of the big containers.They are two numbers of the same size. Ideal for taking Chappathis and Sanwitches. If it is rice, may have to use both containers to store sufficient rice if you are not in diet. A plastic like smell was there when the consignment is received but it disappeared when hot water is stored and kept for overnight before first use.
    It is ofcourse a Value For Money Product as I got at cracker sale price of 149. Even Rs.250-Rs.300/- will be justifiable as per the quality of the containers and bag.
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