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Toshiba Notebook Hard Disk Sata 500GB
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Toshiba Notebook Hard Disk Sata 500GB

Lowest online price: 3,149
  • Works with Serial ATA 3GB/s enabled notebook computers
  • Read/Write cache for increased performance
  • Low power consumption with adaptive power modes
  • Internal shock sensor and ramp loading technology to help protect your drive
  • Perpendicular Magnetic Recording (PMR) Technology

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Product Description

500 GB Hard disk for Notebooks by Toshiba

Extremely large space of 500 GB and fast device with response time of 12 millisecond, this Toshiba hard disk is ideal for all brands of notebooks, reliable data storage. It efficiently stores all formats of data like video, images, games etc., without creating slightest of degradation I quality, content or advanced features. Buffer size is 8 MB which is one of the highest amongst other brands. It has 2nd generation of SATA interface. Serial ATA has faster data transfer making the loading of applications and programs faster. Even the gaming experience is more enhanced and high quality.

The cable connecting the hard disk to PC is long enough and is ideal. This provides more options with respect to placement of 2 devices. Diameter wise, the Serial ATA cables are smaller so that heat built up is easily reduced by air flow. High temperature reduces the life of devices and cable. Hence, lower heat built up means longer life and safety for the users. The throughput bandwidth is as fast as 300MB/s to enable fast transfer and glitch-free data transfer. It provides high compatibility in back-ward direction. It can work on SATA 1 version extremely well. Response time is as low as 12 milliseconds to enable fast operation for both official and personal usages. This an extremely compact product with dimensions 10 x 7 x 0.9 cm and weight 100 gm. Hence, it can be carried anywhere and is very portable. They have advanced PMR Technology. This technology has more than 3 times the storage capacity than conventional systems. Its power consumption is very low and its power modes are adjustable based on requirement.

Its compatibility with various operating systems is high. Be it Linux, Windows XP, Mac OS X and vista. For safety and protection it has built in shock sensing mechanism which absorbs the shocks, keeping all storage components in perfect state. It is configured easily anytime making it usable by new users as well. You don't need professional help to install it and can do it yourself with little knowledge of the process. As much as 400 G shock can be withstood without any damage to device or data while it's working. When not being used, this limit is as high as 900 G. Power consumption value during various modes like write, start, read, stand-by, seek, sleep and low power idle is very less. Its structural dimensions and design is ideal for the notebooks and its placement is perfect to sustain till you keep using the notebook.

The data transfer rate is high and sequential. The device doesn't hang or ever gets a road-block while the data is being transferred. This is a result of superior operating code which ensures that both the source and destination devices are in perfect co-ordination with one another. The detection of device is also fast and trouble free. Internal codes checks the data and transfers every type of data as per set norms and patterns.

The built in cache buffer of 8 MB has both read and write which further enhances the performance of the device. As an additional accessory, it has PC mover Ultimate for PC (CD-ROM). It is highly durable, portable and well-designed to ensure safe functioning. Even the complex data are stored in original features like resolution, quantity and formats. You can store high priority documents like banking records, transactions files and official records, without having to worry about potential loss. Repeated usage doesn't degrade its functioning unlike many other hard-drives of competing brands and sellers.

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Product Features

  • Works with Serial ATA 3GB/s enabled notebook computers
  • Read/Write cache for increased performance
  • Low power consumption with adaptive power modes
  • Internal shock sensor and ramp loading technology to help protect your drive
  • Perpendicular Magnetic Recording (PMR) Technology
  • Tunnel Magneto-Resistive (TMR) Recording Head Technology
  • Native Command Queuing (NCQ) Support
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty
Product Details
Size 500 GB
Manufacturer Toshiba
Brand Toshiba
Model Number PH2050U-1I54
Colour Name Silver
Item Package Quantity 1
Technical Specification
Interface SATA 3.0 Gb/s
Hard disk size 500 GB
Monitor Response Time 12 Milliseconds
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 158.8 grams
Product Dimensions 10 cm x 7 cm x 0.9 cm

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