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Total Siyapaa (VCD)

Total Siyapaa (VCD)

Format Video CD
Actor(s) Ali Zafar, Yaami Gautam, Kirron Kher, Anupam Kher
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Product Description

Total Siyappa (2014) is an Indian romantic comedy featuring Ali Zafar, Yaami gupta, Kirron Kher and Anupam Kher as its main characters. Directed by E. Niwas and script written by Neeraj Pandey, the film was released on 7th March, 2014. It was originally titled as �Aman ki Asha�, but later the title was changed to the one it was finally released with.

The film is centred on the lead characters, Aman (played by Ali Zafar) and Asha (played by Yaami Gautam) and their chaotic love story. The plot starts off on a light note and explores the stereotypical notions about cross-country love story to create its humour. Aman, a Muslim musician falls in love with Asha, who is a Hindu journalist. When their love has reached its peak, Aman decides to take their relationship forward and approach Asha�s parents with the proposal of marriage. However, there awaits many hurdles that the couple has to overcome. Aman hails from Pakistan and is aware that this fact might diminish his chance to impress the to-be in-laws. He starts off on a complete wrong note, thus ushering a chaotic situation which forms the rest of the story. �Siyappa� being a Punjabi word for �chaos� hints at the situation that the Punjabi couple find themselves in. One folly leads to another and they are soon disentangled in unexplained truths and misunderstood derivations. An adaptation of the 2004 Spanish film Seres Queridos, the film is quite relatable as it restricts to Indian sensibilities and makes use of a satirical tone that is not altogether foreign. Aman has to struggle quite hard to evolve from his situation and win over the parents of his girlfriend. Can the lovers find a peaceful end? Can these two nations ever find aman? Well, there�s only hope.

Product Details
Publication Date April 13, 2014
Format Video CD
Genre Comedy - romantic, drama
Censor Rating U/A (Parental Guidance)
Actor(s) Ali Zafar, Yaami Gautam, Kirron Kher, Anupam Kher
Director(s) Eshvar Niwas
No of Discs 2
Runtime 108 minutes
Studio Big Music

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Overall Rating 2.7 out of 5 stars
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  1.  India Pakistani love story 9 June, 2014 On
    The romcom has Ali Zafar and Yammi Gautam in lead roles.

    In London, Aman and Asha are dating each other. Asha takes Aman to introduce him to her family. But the glitch here is Aman is a Pakistani. The punjabi family of Asha is not impressed by Aman, however hard he tries. So will they marry? Answered in this cross border comedy flick.

    An interesting film with a cute pair at the lead. The length of the film is short but still drags. Watch at your own risk.
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