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Tottiyute makan

Tottiyute makan

Language Malayalam
Contributor(s) Takali Sivasankarapilla
Binding Paperback
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Overview: Tottiyute makan

Thottiyude Makan is a Malayalam novel authored by Thakazhi Sivasankara Pillai. It talks about three generations of a working class family who stay in Alleppey as scavengers. This Malaylam book vividly describes the life of a scavenger who tries his best to raise his son, despite all odds. Thottiyude Makan was published by D.C. Books in 1947. If you want to buy books in Malayalam, you can get them from any online bookstore by exploring which lists retailers selling these books at affordable rates.

Thakazhi Sivasankara Pillai was a short story author and a novelist who wrote Malayalam books. He is widely known as Thakazhi, after his birth place. Most of his works talk about oppressed classes and caste system. His books address different societal issues in Kerala during the mid-20th century. Thakazhi's novel, Randidangazhi, discusses the evils of feudal system which prevailed in Kerala. His book, Chemmeen, revolves around a tragic love story set in a fishing village, Alappuzha. Chemmeen was a huge success, and in 1958, it won the Kendra Sahitya Academy Award. However, despite Chemmeen's success, Thakazhi's Kayar is still considered a masterpiece all over. Kayar deals with feudalism, bonded labour, etc. When Thakazhi's Thottiyude Makan was released, it created a controversy owing to its portrayal of untouchables.

In Thottiyude Makan, Thakazhi chronicles the life of the character Chudalamuttu, a scavenger, who is determined to raise his son properly and provide him with good education. This central character, Chudalamuttu, is a downtrodden, but his thoughts, ideologies and approach towards life, are similar to the upper class people. The author talks about three generations of thottis, that is, the cleaners of night soil, in this book. The first two generations are oppressed and ostracised, who die unfulfilled. However, the third generation thotti is all set to lead his fellow untouchables to rise against all oppression.

Thottiyude Makan is a good narrative, which brings forth the plight of low caste people in the feudal past. It is a noted Malayalam realistic novel in which the author uses black comedy and challenges the rationale of India's caste system. This heartbreaking story containing macabre humour has 126 pages and has been appreciated by readers all over.

Features: Tottiyute makan

  • Jnaanapidom in 1984
  • Padmabhooshan in 1985.
Product Details
Language Malayalam
Publication Date January 1, 1996
Publisher Distributors, Current Books
Contributor(s) Takali Sivasankarapilla
Binding Paperback
Edition 1st D.C.B. ed
Page Count 126
ISBN 10 8171306373
ISBN 13 9788171306374
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