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VOX 4 SIM Touch & Type Dual Camera Mobile cum Camcorder - DV10

VOX 4 SIM Touch & Type Dual Camera Mobile cum Camcorder - DV10

Operating System Android
Memory Storage 500.00 KB
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Overview: VOX 4 SIM Touch & Type Dual Camera Mobile Phone

There are dedicated devices and there are multipurpose devices. Each kind has its own set of benefits to offer to its users. Multifunctional devices are typically very handy for regular people who have to multitask daily. Since mobile phones are found almost with every person living in both urban and rural regions, incorporating additional functions to mobile phones is the most productive choice. Therefore Vox has brought to you the mobile cum camcorder, which is a complete mobile phone as well as a complete video recorder. If you are interested in shooting interesting incidents as and when they occur in the real world, then you should buy Vox DV10 mobile phone cum camcorder online today. This device will fulfil your requirement of a mobile while serving as a video recorder simultaneously. The touchscreen, the Android operating system and expandable memory allow you to instantly transform from a regular person street to a photographer. You get additional benefit by purchasing this device online since you do not have to visit a shop and search for a highly functional dual purpose mobile phone. Besides, you do not have to wait for long for the product as it is delivered within a few days.

Features and Design of Vox DV10 Mobile cum Camcorder:

The DV10 mobile cum camcorder by Vox is a complete mobile phone and a video camera with all the features that you expect in each of the device. It is a stylish handset when you use it as a mobile phone and fully functional video camera when you use it for capturing events as they unfold. The dual nature of the device gives it a dynamic look. However, the device is compact and can be carried easily. Its size is comparable to that of any regular smartphone or mobile phone that people use today. Therefore, it simply slips into your pocket and can be easily held within your palm when in use.

The most notable feature of this mobile cum camcorder, by far, is that it supports 4 SIMs simultaneously. Besides, it has a 2.4-inch screen thin film transistor (TFT) touchscreen. You will be amazed to see that the screen features a hinge on one side and can be moved when you need to use the device as a camera. The Vox 4 SIM mobile phone runs on the Android 4.0 operating system and has 500KB storage memory. You can expand the storage capacity to 32GB using an external storage media. It requires 110 Volts AC power and 240 Volts DC power. The camera can shoot videos with the best quality if the intended objects are within a range of 10 metres. It has a powerful battery that provides 240 hours of standby time.

Benefits of Vox DV10:

The multi-functionality is the main benefit that Vox DV10 mobile cum camcorder offers. It is an efficient mobile phone that meets all your expectations from a mobile phone. It is compact and easy to handle. The advantage that you have with this set at your disposal is that you can capture high quality videos live. Moreover, the support for 4 SIMs allows you to better manage your contacts. It means that while dual SIM handset users make categories and groups for their contacts, you will have the liberty to manage and save contacts in different SIMs as per your preference. The Android operating system keeps you at par with your Android phone-using peers.

Maintenance and Care Tips for Vox DV10:

The Vox DV10 has to be cared for like all other consumer electronics. You should protect it from water and other liquid, falling, getting hit by hard objects, getting pressed under heavy items and scratches by sharp materials. Apart from these commonly known maintenance steps, there is no special technique that you have to implement to keep this device like new for long. So, shop online for Vox DV10 mobile cum camcorder at the earliest.

Key Highlights:

Android 4.0 operating system

2.4 inch TFT touchscreen

4 SIMs

Side Out Screen

240 Standby Time

500 KB Storage Memory

32 GB Expandable

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Detailed specifications have been provided to help you choose the mobile phone that best suits your needs. There is also a warranty included- 6 Months Manufacuturer Warranty..
Product Details
Brand Vox
Model Number DV10
Colour Name Gold
Item Package Quantity 1
Warranty 6 Months Manufacuturer Warranty.
Technical Specification
Operating System Android
Memory Storage 500.00 KB

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