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Toy Gun: Soft Dart Firing 12 Gauge Pump Action Shotgun

Toy Gun: Soft Dart Firing 12 Gauge Pump Action Shotgun

Model Number 4505
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Overview: Toy Gun: Soft Dart Firing 12 Gauge Pump Action Shotgun

Children. Toys. These two words automatically come together and can never be thought of separately when speaking of either one. The two are mutually blended to be co-dependent and looking at a child happily play with a toy is self satisfactory in itself. Toys are a child's companion all throughout his or her childhood. With the world being full of little children, the production of toys increases day by day. The variety of toys in the market is innumerable with manufacturers producing toys based on everything possible in order to bring smiles on the faces of little children. Toys are an important part in the educational development of a child along with being recreational, as it teaches children about the world around them. Having a child in the house suggests the need to buy as many toys as possible to help them have a fruitful childhood. If you have a boy child, then the most common toy would a toy gun which immediately attracts them, like girls to dolls. If you are on the lookout for a safe toy gun for your son then your search ends here. Search online for this Toy Gun: Soft Dart Firing 12 Gauge Pump Action Shotgun and bring an instant smile on your little one's face.

Features of the toy gun:

The toy gun has always appealed to little boys ever since they begin to appreciate the meaning and value of toys. Like Barbie dolls are symbolic of a little girl's feminine side, a toy gun is symbolic of a boy's masculine side. The toy gun immediately suggests machoism and masculinity and is a first choice for all little boys, when asked what they would like for gift. This toy gun is a shot gun made of durable plastic, moulded to perfection, resembling a real shot gun, looking as real as ever. The shot gun is 27 inches long, with the stock area in black and the receiver and barrel area in a silver grey colour, the exact colours as that of a real shot gun. The toy gun is neatly finished with blunt edges to prevent the child from getting hurt while playing with it. Made of pure durable plastic, its parts are non hazardous and unbreakable. The shot gun comes with ten plastic and foam darts that are soft at the ends preventing any injuries when shot from the gun. This toy shot gun is safe and fun to play with, a perfect choice to bring glee and excitement to your little boy.

Fun ways to play with the toy gun:

Boys will be boys and their love for action heroes and their movies will never fade. From a young age little boys are exposed to action figurines, soldier toys and super hero movies, appealing to them more than any other movies and toys. With this toy gun, your little one can dress up as his favourite super hero, or action hero and pretend to enact his most admired stunts. He could also pretend to be a soldier at war and wreck havoc in the house, thinking he actually belongs on the battlefield, fighting for his country. The number of ways he can put this toy shot gun to is unimaginable and best left to the imagination of a child's mind. Though a toy gun is fun to play with, teach him to understand its harmful effects as well and to play safe at all times. With the help of toys, teach him right from wrong. Bring excitement upon your little one's face and shop online for this Toy Gun: Soft Dart Firing 12 Gauge Pump Action Shotgun

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Brand Parris
Model Number 4505
Item Package Quantity 1

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