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Train to Pakistan

Train to Pakistan

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Language English
Contributor(s) Khushwant Singh
Binding Paperback
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Overview: Train to Pakistan

About the Book: Train to PakistanTrain to Pakistan is Khushwant Singhs classic novel of anisolated village in Punjab that is plunged into an abyss ofreligious hate and communal violence on the eve of Partition. Withits enduring themes of love, loyalty and the horrors of civil war,this remains Singhs most important work. About the Author: Khushwant SinghKhushwant Singh is Indias best-known writer and columnist. Hehas been founder-editor of Yojana, and editor of the IllustratedWeekly of India, the National Herald and the Hindustan Times. He isalso the author of several books which include the novels Train toPakistan, I Shall Not Hear the Nightingale, Delhi, The Company ofWomen and Burial at Sea the classic two-volume A History of theSikhs and a number of translations and non-fiction books on Sikhreligion and culture, Delhi, nature, current affairs and Urdupoetry. His autobiography, Truth, Love and a Little Malice, waspublished in 2002. Khushwant Singh was a Member of Parliament from1980 to 1986. He was awarded the Padma Bhushan in 1974, butreturned the decoration in 1984 in protest against the storming ofthe Golden Temple by the Indian Army. In 2007, he was awarded thePadma Vibhushan.SPECIFICATIONS OF TRAIN TO PAKISTAN (PAPERBACK) Title:Train to Pakistan Author:Khushwant Singh ISBN-10:0143417967 ISBN-13:9780143417965 Language:English Binding:Paperback Publisher:Penguin Books Publishing Year:03-01-12
Product Details
Language English
Publication Date January 13, 2012
Publisher Penguin India
Contributor(s) Khushwant Singh
Binding Paperback
Page Count 232
ISBN 10 0143417967
ISBN 13 9780143417965
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Overall Rating 4.4 out of 5 stars
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Most Helpful Reviews
  1.  Mano Majra 30 April, 2014 On
    This was the first novel from Khushwant Singh, who till that time was not very famous.
    Mano Majra was the original title of the book, which was later changed to Train to Pakistan increase its appeal to a much wider audience. This book won the Groove Press Competition for the best work of fiction from India.. The background of the story is based on a fictitious remote frontier village named Mano Majra.The story is set around partition period. It is a remote town and the people were insulated from the poisonous winds of communal and religious hatred. The central character is a notorious criminal who is just out on probation.

    For young generation who have just read or heard about the partition,this book transports you to that era when corpse laden trains were the norm of the day. women jumping into dry wells rather getting ravished along with their infants,rivers flowing with bodies,displacement and the painful migration are some of the incidents which stay with you after finishing the novel. The fear, distrust and confusion among the people who were readily exploited by religious zealots in committing one of the most inhuman acts ever seen in the history of sub continent. Very conservative estimate state that at least a million people expired or were lost during partition and another 70 million were displaced.

    How seeds of distrust were planted among the peace loving common Hindus and Muslims and how one group was instigated into wiping the other is clearly described. Had we Indians grasped the simple facts of that period , Godhra and 1984 would have been never repeated.

    Bottom line, this book is like a beginners guide in understanding partition and how communal feelings are flared up.
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  2.  India-Pakistan partition at its worst 21 November, 2013 On
    Train to Pakistan is the first Kushwant Singh's book I've read and I immediately became a fan of his. Kushwant Singh has a rare gift of telling an everyday story in the most attention catching way possible. As the title of this book suggests, the story takes place during India - Pakistan partition in 1947 in one of the small villages scattered around the border. One day in the summer, a train filled with dead refugees arrives at the station and suddenly the village people find themselves in the middle of hateful religious turmoils and angry mobs provoking more and more conflicts. What once used to be a place where Sikhs and Muslims lived in peace is now filled with blind hatred. This hatred touches the lives of everybody, including a young Sikh boy and a Muslim girl, whose love is at stake.
    Kushwant Singh has a tendency to be very honest in his writings and he definitely painted the gruesome reality of the partition years. He also knows how to keep his readers' attention till the very last page.
    This book is a must read!
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  3.  Goose-bump inducing 1 April, 2013 On
    I read Train to Pakistan years ago, right back when I was in college. I can still never forget the novel, which is undoubtedly one of my favourite Indian novels in English.

    Khushwant Singh is a daring story-teller. He manages to remain one of the few who refrain from much of the linguistic pomp, glamour, and political pretense that dogs Indian English writers.

    His language is simple; his message is startling. The novel is based on the time when India won independence, and when the partition took place. Singh blends satire and compassion with heart felt anger: at the hypocrisy and cowardice of social activists, and at the bureaucracy and corruption that permeates Indian politics.

    The climax of the novel is the message of the story: action is never political; it is only personal. Nobody is going to get up and do a thing for anyone else unless it's for someone they love, unless it's something that comes from the heart.

    This book is an absolute must read for every single person who cares about Hindu-Muslim harmony.
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  4.  Train to Pakistan. 19 September, 2013 On
    Fiction based on India-Pakistan partition.It narrates the refugee problems,the violence & hatred that has been pampered by Hindus,Sikhs & Muslims.By the end of reading you would be moved by the incidents(many are real life based.Being in southern most corner of India,many of us would not have seen or heard or experienced the pains of the partition.With over 10 million being uprooted from their ancestor lands,killings in the name of religion,wives being raped in front of their men,young girls taken in captive and raped repeatedly till their death,children being killed and thousands left home-less,partition was one of the biggest tragedy of mankind or as bad as holocaust.This book is a real eye opener on the tragedy.You would be moved by the photographs of the tragedy.The on-field photos were taken by American photographer for Life & Time magazine.After reading this book,you would be having a restless sleep at least for two days.This is one of the best of Kushwanth Singh's books...
    Thank you for your feedback Was this review helpful to you?
  5.  Excellent Book 14 September, 2014 On
    I have been started reading this book, and i am very much interested to read each and every page of it.
    It takes you to 1947 where it describes a small village in India and how they have been suffering from partition and other things. The author writres each and everything in his own style which i liked the most. If you are non-fiction reader and you would certainly like it. Also if you want to know how the 1947 parition felt in rural village this book will help you get the glimpse of it.
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