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Transcend  High Speed SDHC Class 4 Flash Memory Card

Transcend High Speed SDHC Class 4 Flash Memory Card

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Overview: Transcend High Speed SDHC Class 4

Transcend 16GB Class 4 High Speed SDHC Flash Memory Card TS16GSDHC4
Product Details
Manufacturer TRANSCEND
Brand Transcend
Item Package Quantity 1

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  1.  Know your product! 10 December, 2013 On
    Whenever you buy Transcend or Sandisk product there is little to worry about the quality of the product. However search for a SDHC memory card online and your head starts spinning on the difference in price on the same product with the same storage capacity. Well the trick is to know your product and in this case you are paying for the category/class of the SDHC card you are buying. In simpler terms it means that a class 10 SDHC card transfers data at a faster rate than class 4 because of which it is more expensive.
    So yes the Transcend 8 GB class 4 SDHC memory card is really good for everyday use and comes at a very affordable price if you are buying it online. The data transfers at a reasonable pace and yes you do need a bit of patience if you are transferring huge files from your camera to your computer. But t if you regularly capture huge video and photo files (e.g raw files) on your camera and don't have the patience and at the same time don't mind dishing out a few extra bucks then you should definitely go for the class 10 SDHC memory card.
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