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Transcend TS32GJF500 Jet Flash 500 32GB Pen Drive - Purple & Black

Transcend TS32GJF500 Jet Flash 500 32GB Pen Drive - Purple & Black

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Overview: Transcend TS32GJF500 Jet Flash 500 32GB

The Transcend TS32GJF500 Jet Flash 500 has a storage capacity of 32 GB and is compatible with USB 2.0. With a transfer speed of 21 MBPS for reading and 10 MBPS for writing, this device can be used on Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.


The device uses the latest flash technology and features a USB 2.0 interface. The interface allows a data read and write transfer speed of 16MB/s and 6MB/s respectively. Available in purple and black colour, the flash drive lets you carry your favourite multimedia content with ease - in the hand's palm!


Small in stature, but rich in features! With the Transcend TS32GJF500 Jet Flash 500, you have fast access to browser favourites content no matter which browser program you are using. There is the secret-zip feature that lets you setup a private password. To use the PC lock feature, download a program such as Predator. When you remove the USB flash drive, your PC gets locked. You unlock it by plugging in your USB flash drive again. The My Jetflash features displays what is on the flash drive in a jiffy.

Device compatibility

The Transcend TS32GJF500 Jet Flash 500 can run on Windows 7, Vista, XP. It can also run on Mac OS X and Linux. It can be used on older USB 1.1 ports as well. You can use the device on TVs, disc players, stereo system, gaming consoles and digital photo frames to name a few.

Value for money

The Transcend TS32GJF500 Jet Flash 500 32GB Pen Drive is designed for the price-conscious user. It is an affordable flash drive, easy to use, and offers versatile compatibility. This makes this device ideal to store, share and carry digital information. The design is retractable, compact and cap less. The body of the device is simple yet sleek. The USB connecter can be extended and retracted. This allows you to protect the USB connector from dust and liquid spills. The compact and durable body of the device lets you slide it in to a USB port and drag and drop files to and from the flash drive.

Transcend Elite data management software

The Transcend Elite data management tools are a free download. You can download them from Transcend's website. After downloading, install these tools. You use the data management tools to backup data in an incremental fashion. You can set periodic backups and sync files in real-time. You can store your browser bookmarks for future retrieval. Use the 256-bit AES Encryption to compress files. You can also use the Transcend TS32GJF500 Jet Flash 500 as a digital lock.

Manufactured with quality

The flash drive is manufactured with high quality NAND flash memory chips. It has been released after extensive performance and reliability tests.

Product features

The device has a sliding USB connected and comes with cap less design

Easy plug and play

Freely download-able data management tools

No battery or external power needed as the device is USB powered.

Features: Transcend TS32GJF500 Jet Flash 500 32GB

  • CATEGORY : USB Drives
Product Details
Brand Transcend
Item Package Quantity 1
Warranty Life Time Standard Manufacturer Warranty

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Overall Rating 4 out of 5 stars
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     Good pen drive 26 April, 2014 On
    my friend had this pen drive and tjis is just fabulists . Nice body and easy to use . i Transferred data from pc to pd nearly 5 GB and it transferred in 6-8 minutes nearly 9 Mbps speed . Nice body

    transcent 500 Jetflash can be differed by colour of flip for different size
    4 GB :- Red
    8 GB :-Sky Blue
    16 GB :-Green
    32 GB :-Purple
    64 GB :- Navy blue

    pros :-
    * Cheap
    * Nice Quality
    * 21 Mbps read and 10 Mbps write
    * Easy To Install

    Cons :-

    * only 30 GB to Use
    * only 3 years warranty
    * cannot attach to key chain
    * slider may gets damaged
    * Easily gets corrupted

    Overall 4/5 should purchase
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