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Tricom External 2.5-inch Sata Casing Hard Disk Drive Usb HDD CASE

Tricom External 2.5-inch Sata Casing Hard Disk Drive Usb HDD CASE

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Product Description

Protecting your hard disk has never been more important with the right amount of ventilation. Therefore, Tricom Casing brings to you the Tricom Casing 2.5 inch External Hard Disk Case for your hard disk that has a size of 2.5 inches. This External Hard Disk Case comes with a pouch pack that will let you carry the hard disk to your desired place without the worry of harming your precious hard drive.


This external hard disk protector is presented to you from the house of Tricom Casing. Their products are built by making use of innovative techniques that help to make your life easier. They deliver absolute protection to your electronic gadgets and make them long lasting. There are two kinds of cases that are available in this pack, one is made of aluminium alloy that has proper exhaustion panels while the other is made of Polyurethane material and is almost equivalent to a pouch. The aluminium alloy product has been manufactured in such a way that it makes the product durable and sturdy enough to withstand a hard fall. The product is USB compatible and can help transfer at amazing rates. The hot swapping feature is enabled in this case. It can also help in recovering data from a damaged or broken computer. It adds a backup source with a separate power supply that is a boon for a product of this sort.

This portable 2.5 Inch Hard Disk Case is the best way to protect your external hard drive from all kinds of physical damage. It is rectangular in shape and features rounded corners which have been provided for your convenience. The upper surface of the cover is crafted from high quality Polyurethane material that makes it durable in quality. It is endowed with well defined corners that are stitched firmly. It is 100 percent shock resistant and will not let any harm come upon your external hard disk. Once you open the entire cover, it opens up to reveal two wide flaps on either side. On one flap there is a mesh chamber and on the other there is a strap that is secured with a Velcro system. It has been especially designed with bigger dimensions so that your hard disk remains shielded from accidental bumps or shocks that are more likely to affect the corners of the cover.

How to Use

A very simple to use and a user friendly product is what the consumers want these days. This SATA External Hardisk Case will require your minimum effort to get it working. If you are acquainted with the computer hardware mechanism, then simply uninstall the internal hard drive from your cabinet and motherboard and place it inside the Tricom Casing 2.5 inch External Hard Disk Case. Fix the hard disk with the screws into the case, then connect all the necessary cables, connect the power cable for the case and at last connect it to the computer. Your external is ready to serve you! If you do not have much knowledge about computer hardware, then it is advised to consult a professional.


This hard disk protector proves to be very useful when you are travelling. As it comes in a portable design, you can easily slide it into a corner of your luggage and take along with you a bunch of movies, games and other important files. The cover makes sure that your hard disk remains in its intact condition even after a fall from 10 feet as it has already been passed through that test. The rounded corners make it easier to be slid into any of the compartments of your bag without taking up too much space. The added mesh chamber that has been included within the cover enables you to store other items like pen drive, memory card, data cable or OTG cords. The strap that is found on the other flap is meant to hold the hard disk in place securely with the help of the Velcro system despite vigorous movements. Thus the hard disk will not wobble within the case even if your luggage is manhandled. You can connect the hard disk with your laptop or PC by placing it in this case. It need not be removed from the case as the cover can be opened entirely to make room for the cable that attaches the hard disk to the laptop or PC. This durable hard disk protector will last for several years if you handle it with care. It has been robustly built that will defend your hard disk and all the files and applications loaded in it in every possible way.

Buy External Hard Disk Case online so that so that you are able to protect your invaluable hard disk from accidental mishaps. Shop 2.5 Inch Hard Disk Case online and have a valuable time shopping from your house.

Product Details
Manufacturer Tricom Casing
Manufacturer Part Number 6936103601055
Brand Tricom Casing
Item Package Quantity 1

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