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Triveni Multi Raw Silk Printed Sarees TSVF7210
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Triveni Multi Raw Silk Printed Sarees TSVF7210

Brand Triveni
Material Silk
Size S
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Overview: Triveni Multi Raw Silk Printed Sarees TSVF7210

This gorgeous multi raw silk printed saree is absolutely stunning and visually vibrant. Guaranteed to turn heads, this saree can be worn for semi formal, formal and casual events and occasions. It is made from raw silk which is one of the most opulent fabrics in India, which also makes it a highly coveted fabric. The sturdy nature of silk as well as the silky quality really adds to the look and feel of any garment that this fabric is used to create and when silk is used in its most unadulterated and raw form, it leads to pure magic.

This printed silk saree is extremely colorful and lovely. The blouse of this saree is also made of raw silk, in order to stick to the same aesthetics of the garment. The choli area of the blouse is a deep and bright fuchsia with a moderately low circular shaped neck that can help you show off your necklaces. The sleeves reach till the elbow and are divided through color, creating a great visual effect. Right after the shoulders, the sleeves are a lovely parrot green that matches all the colors in this saree and also stands out on its own in a way that is truly lovely. This patch of green is followed by a sunny yellow, which also matches the rest of the saree and also helps create cohesion with the rest of the elements on the saree itself. Made of raw silk, this blouse is meant to be form fitting, otherwise the fabric would look too loose and shabby. This is a stitched blouse that comes with the saree. The size of the blouse is small, although other sizes and variants can be spotted on this website easily. The length of the blouse is the standard choli length that shows off the midriff when worn with the ensemble.

The body of the saree is as unique as the blouse that it is paired with. It is a lovely muted white color that sets the tone for the rest of the saree, bringing together all the colors that are used in a very comprehensive manner. The pattern created on this saree is a printed pattern of floral motifs. These are black plants that begin right after the border at the hemline and stretch upwards to cover the length of the body of the saree. It looks amazing when worn. The border at the hemline is simplistic yet extremely beautiful. It starts with a black and white print that has small flowers or plants printed along the stretch of the border. This entire element is a thin strip that is on top of the other elements of the full border. After the printed portion , there is a slightly thicker fuchsia strip that matches the color of the blouse perfectly. This strip is then followed by a thinner yellow strip which is also the same shade of yellow that is used on the blouse of the saree and the pallu.

The pallu of the saree is a stunning sunny yellow that is the main focus of the eye when the saree is worn. It is plan yellow as there is already so much going on in the saree. It has the same black and white printed border as the body, followed by a fuchsia strip and a yellow on and together, all of this looks lovely.

This multi colored saree from Triveni is appropriate for semi formal events.

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Product Details
Manufacturer Triveni Sarees
Brand Triveni
Material Silk
Colour Name Multicolour
Size S
Occasion Lifestyle casual

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