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Trophy Hunting Products TBBS3988B THP Backseat Bow Sling - Camo
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Trophy Hunting Products TBBS3988B THP Backseat Bow Sling - Camo

Model Number 60613
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Overview: Trophy Hunting Products Tbbs3988b Thp Backseat Bow Sling - Camo

Archery-a sport that requires the humble bow and arrow is extremely popular these days. However, one cannot simply carry around his/ her bow and arrows like in the medieval days, the laws have changed and it is important to carry them in a proper bag/ carrier so as to not lose them and to keep them in proper condition.

The 'backseat bow sling from Trophy hunting products' is a great way to store your bow when you are in transit. The bow sling slips on the back seat of your car like a bag, and holds all your archery equipment securely. It also prevents the contents from bouncing around while you drive. The bag itself is large enough to hold your bow, and comes in handy when you do not want to carry your bow case with you; it also has enough slots to hold your arrows and other equipment.

Saves Space

A bow takes up a lot of surface area. Since it cannot balance on it tips, it has to be laid on its side and takes up a lot of space. Not anymore! The backseat bow sling lets you hang your bow against the back of your car seat, thereby saving a lot of space and making more room for your buddies and other gear. This bow sling has multiple compartments to hold various other hunting equipments such as the gloves, arrows etc, saving you further valuable space.

Rugged Quality

The bag is made of toughened nylon material, which can hold a lot of weight and can take on the rugged surfaces of the bow and your archery equipment easily. The sturdy looking external surface of this kit-bag gives it a nice texture, and adds to the rugged look.

Soft Inseams

The inseams are soft and padded, which makes it a safe place to put your bow in. With this bag in place, your bow does not get scratched or bumped when placed in the sling, and can withstand a drive to the range. The multiple pockets on this bag are aligned with the same soft material and rightfully protect your archery equipments, and prevent them from coming to any harm.

Easy Installation and Use

The backseat bow sling is easy-to-install, and the adjustable slings ensure that it fits on any kind of car seat. The adjustable slings, made of the same rugged material as the rest of the bag, are strong enough to carry all kinds of archery related equipments--without any wear or tear. You do not have to detach any of the slings to get your bow and other equipment out, and they are quite easily accessible.

Care and Maintenance

Wipe the bag regularly with a dry soft cloth to remove dust. In case of tough stains and grim, wash with mild detergent and warm water.

Product Details
Manufacturer Part Number BS3988
Brand Trophy Hunting Products
Model Number 60613
Item Package Quantity 1
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 453.6 grams
Product Dimensions 21.6 cm x 21.6 cm x 3.8 cm

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