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Tropicana 100% Orange Juice-1 ltr

Tropicana 100% Orange Juice-1 ltr

Brand Tropicana 1
Product Weight 958.2 grams
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Product Description

Do your kids hate taking fruits? Then giving them fruit juice would be best so that they are not deprived of the benefits. But if you don't have enough time, then preparing homemade juice is not possible. In such a case, the 1 Litre Tropicana 100% Orange Juice is the best option available.

The look

The Meragroceries 1 Litre Tropicana 100% Orange Juice comes in white a tetra pack with a dark green screw-up cap. The pack has a capacity of 1 litre. The brand name is printed on the top of the pack and there is an image of a big fresh orange below it. The size is compact and convenient.

Key highlights

The juice is made of 100% pure fruit juice.

It comes in a tetra pack that keeps it fresh without adding any preservative.

The vitamin C present helps you to support functions of your body's immunity system.

You don't not have to add sugar separately.

The pack contains one litre of fresh orange juice.

Why Tropicana Orange Juice?

Tropicana assures you 100% orange juice so that you can enjoy the real taste of fruit juices. It tastes great and contains no added sugar. The juice is known to fulfill your body's required nutrients and at the same time quenches your thirst too. The Vitamin C keeps you fresh and refreshed throughout the day. It plays a vital role as a dietary antioxidant, helps in absorbing iron and also builds a healthy immune system. The B-vitamins thiamin and folate are equally important for your health. The folate is vital for normal growth and maintenance of cells. It is also important for reducing the risk of certain birth defects of the brain and spinal cord. If you take one sip of Tropicana orange juice, you will feel like having it again and again. It also contains a good amount of potassium, which is good for your heart. Potassium also helps to control the balance of body fluid and helps in maintaining your blood pressure. The Tropicana juice is extracted from fresh oranges with no added sugar, water or preservatives. Tropicana is one of the best brands on which you can actually rely. It promises to give you the taste of real fruit juice. So shop this 100% Pure Fruit Juice from the online store today.

Serve it for breakfast

The Meragroceries 1 Litre Tropicana 100% Orange Juice is an excellent option for serving in the breakfast table. Serve it chilled and make your kids happy. Children usually don't like to have whole fruits. Moreover, it has been noticed that most of us don't have enough time for breakfast and rush for school, college or office. So if you serve them a glass of instant power-packed orange juice, then they get to enjoy a whole of nutrient in a short span of time. Keep the juice refrigerated and once the seal is opened, finish it off within five days. Everytime you serve it, shake the pack properly.

Benefits of sealing juices in Tetra packs

Tetra pack is basically a six layer packaging technology with UHT or Ultra Heat Treatment. These packages keep the juice fresh for a longer duration even without chilling or adding any preservative. The juice is firstly sterilised and then poured in the carton. This helps in keeping it germ free. With the changing time where people are really busy in their day to day life, introduction of tetra pack adds a lot of convenience. Serving juice to your children in this form is probably one of the best ways as it keeps them really healthy.

About the brand

Shopping in super markets is not only time consuming but involves a lot of hassles too. So to make things convenient for you, Meragroceries has brought you the online shopping platform which really improves your shopping experience. Here you can access any food item you want with the click of a button and get rid of all the unnecessary hassles you face while visiting a super market.

So buy this Healthy Orange Juice online and gift your family good health. 

Product Features

  • Product Weight : 1 Litre
Product Details
Brand Tropicana 1
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 958.2 grams

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  1.  master of orange 26 May, 2015 On
    awesome taste and its ingrediants is very good and thanks to its six layer packing which keeps it fresh for long timeand. it also had vitamins and minerals. it is specialy good for for young one's and working generation and for older ones too. i rate it five out of five for its tasteand ingrediants.
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