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Tugain Solution 5% Hair Gain Treatment - 60ml - (Cipla)

Tugain Solution 5% Hair Gain Treatment - 60ml - (Cipla)

Target Gender Unisex
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Overview: Tugain Solution 5% Hair Gain Treatment - 60ml -

Cipla is a reputed pharmaceutical company that has carved a name for itself in the pharmaceutical industry. It is known for manufacturing a wide range of high quality pharmaceutical and personal care products. This hair tonic, Tugain solutions hair gain treatment mixes active ingredients to prevent hair fall and improve the quality of your hair.

Hair fall occurs due to many reasons. Often, our strenuous work schedule and hectic timings does not allow us to take ample care of our hair. Also pollution and stress do unimaginable damage to our hair, leaving them rough, weak and brittle. This new hair tonic by Cipla goes deep into your roots, and repairs them from within, thereby giving a permanent solution to your most hated problem.

How to use: - Open the bottle - Remove the stopper. - Squeeze the bottle till the solution comes out. - Once the bottle has been squeezed properly, one milliliter of solution will collect in the neck of the bottle. It can be removed by using dropper. - Now, use the dropper to pour the solution on to the center of your scalp where your hair is thinning. Spread it using the tips of your fingers. Both males and females can use.

The solution comes in a very convenient packaging consisting of a plastic bottle with a cap and a stopper. There is also a dropper to measure the solution. This solution should be applied only on the scalp and should be prevented from dropping on the face or any other part of the body. This solution contains Minoxidil ingredients, which help in fighting hair fall to a large extent. Also it comes at an extremely reasonable price. In a nutshell, it is an affordable hair care therapy.

These days, we hardly find time to look after themselves. With such hectic schedules, and salon care that burns a hole in ones pocket, we generally tend to ignore our precious hair. But we should always remember to take care of ourselves, and should not ignore our well being because of our professional or personal life. This hair tonic enables you to take proper care of your hair without investing a lot of time or money on it. It is a simple and affordable solution to the problem of acute hair fall. It is a must have solution for every individual who has been fighting hair fall since long and has tried almost every product but has not been able to achieve desired results. This product from the esteemed house of Cipla will not let you down, and give you your beautiful, bouncy hairs back.

Product Details
Manufacturer CIPLA LTD
Brand Cipla
Model Number Dn-3053
Colour Name Brown
Target Gender Unisex
Theme trio slim, trio slim capsules, capsules, osmed capsules, trio

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