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Tupperware Aquasafe Water Bottles

Tupperware Aquasafe Water Bottles

Material Plastic
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About Tupperware Aquasafe Bottles 1 ltr Set Of 4

Do you get embarrassed due to spilling of water from your water bottles? Do you also feel the need to have a set of beautiful yet strong bottles in your house that you can flaunt when your relatives visit? Then the answer to all your worries is the set of 4 Tupperware Aquasafe bottles. Tupperware, a well-known brand worldwide has produced this creative yet useful kitchen utility product. To get these super useful bottles, all you have to do is search for the best deal available only through Junglee.

Tupperware Aquasafe bottles, comes in a set of 4 that can store liquid of up to 1 litre each. These bottles are useful, convenient to handle and can store all the beverages safely without spilling. There are tabs attached with the cap, which help to open the bottles easily. The cap on the spout is removable and unlike other smaller bottles is very easy to clean. The average height of the spout certainly helps pouring the beverages easily.

These bottles are light in weight, making it convenient to carry outdoors for a picnic or wherever needed. The size and height of the bottles are designed such, that it can be easily stored in the door pockets of the refrigerator. The bottles are made from non-carcinogenic and non-toxic materials, which do not emit any poisonous chemicals, making the stored fluid very safe from harmful chemicals. The brand meets the FDA standards for the high quality materials and colours it uses. The standard it gracefully meets reflects the health concerns it has for their customers.

These curvy shaped water tight bottles are available in different colours and are compact and durable. The creativity to craft out better designs, without compromising on the utility factor is a tradition that can be seen in Tupperware’s this product. Buy bottles online but only after comparing prices on Junglee.

Features: Tupperware Aquasafe Water Bottles

  • capacity : 890 ml
  • Bottle fits snugly in the refrigerator door pocket.
  • Ergonomically-designed, lightweight and compact.
  • A versatile and virtually liquid-tight bottle that makes storing cold beverages at home or outdoors easy.
  • Cap comes with tab for easy opening and sealing.
Product Details
Manufacturer Tupperware
Brand Tupperware
Material Plastic
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 24.4 cm

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     Best for use at home & work 8 April, 2013 On
    These bottles carry a little more than a litre and even though they look bulky, they fit into the bottle stand in the refrigerators. What I like best is the wide mouth which makes them easy to clean and keeps them odour free (unlike regular plastic bottles). Even if you drop a full bottle, the plastic doesn't crack or dent. They are a pain to carry (even the smaller ones) and some people might find them a bit expensive but overall I like using them. I haven't felt the need to buy more bottles or replace these for the last 4 years.
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