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Tupperware Family Mate Mini Round -2pc

Tupperware Family Mate Mini Round -2pc

Brand Tupperware
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Overview: Tupperware Family Mate Mini Round -2pc

2pc Storage Containers from Tupperware

All of us have experienced an unpleasant odour after opening fridge doors. This smell comes from the food you left uncovered last night that has gone bad. The Tupperware Family Mate Mini Round- 2pc by Tupperware not only prevents the food from getting spoiled but also eliminates the awful smell arising from it. You can store leftovers in the freezer and defrost while retaining the original flavours and freshness of the food like never before.

Air-tight Seals and High-Quality Plastic

Available from well-known brand, Tupperware, these mini round-shaped containers are made using 100% food grade, virgin plastic that is known for its environment-friendliness. Made from non-toxic, non-carcinogenic materials, they do not release harmful chemicals into food or other content. Also, featuring Tupperware's favourite air-tight lid with tab, this container can be easily opened or closed and keeps the food fresh for a longer period. These containers are rounded at corners and recessed at the bottom. This facilitates sufficient flow of air around and between the stacked containers.

Space Saving Containers

Designed with a flat top seal, the two containers can be conveniently stacked over each other, thus giving you space for other appliances or jars. The polished windows and standard sheer surface help to identify the items kept inside the container with ease. By following some simple rules, you can make these containers last long. Do not overheat or freeze them while storing them in the fridge or oven. These multipurpose containers are break-free and dishwasher safe. A unique combination of convenience and versatility, you can buy this set of 2pc containers online.

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Brand Tupperware

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