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Tupperware Tiwi Munch (Incl. Bag)

Tupperware Tiwi Munch (Incl. Bag)

Model Number Tupperware Tiwi Munch (Incl. Bag)001
Colour Red
Material Plastic
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Overview: Tupperware Tiwi Munch (Incl. Bag)

She used to wake up early on all her school days. Tirelessly, effortlessly, without a cent of abate, the kitchen sounded like a busy station right from the morning. For the world, her love was enigmatic, but for her, it was just her internalized emotions. Love, affection, care, no conditions were the bricks that built the bridge between her and her child. The child's father, wanting the supreme for his child, used to rush up for every minute thing so as to proudly put his chest out saying; I gave my child the best schooling.

With the entire diversity of rich culture, the relationship between the child and his or her parents truly represents the whole idea behind Tupperware. Tupperware believes that every member of the family should be pampered by the elegance and elite quality of their products. Tupperware, with its vibrant history, has always showed as a brand of trust, a brand of quality, a brand of loyalty and most importantly a brand for the Indian family. Such is the premium nature of the brand which Tupperware has tried to build over the past decades. Tupperware stands tall as one of the only brands that has truly laid the real and meaningful definitions of the return policy where they are so confident of their products that they often are ready to replace with the twice the quantity initially purchased.

The Tupperware Tiwi Munch, is a lunch box + sipper glass set which is being offered by Tupperware, keeping in mind the extent of love with which a mother wakes up in the morning to cook food for her child, and a father looking out for the best in the market for his child. The Tupperware Tiwi Munch comes with the compact bag holding the contents and the items even further intact. Completing the entire set, the Tupperware Tiwi Munch with bag makes it a smart, trendy, compact and bright backpack which your child would love to brag about among his peers in those tender schooling days. Tupperware, since decades, believes in making its products the lightest possible in terms of its weightage. The Tupperware Tiwi Much with Bag is one of the brand Tupperware's feathers in the cap having a weight as less as 800grams only. People generally bend with age. However, a regular school going child in India is bent by the weight of his books in his bag. Considering the concerns of the child's parents and also making the child comfortable in carrying his or her lunch box without even making him or her even give his young brain on pondering on the question of whether to drop the idea of carrying tiffin in those heavy bags. The Tupperware Tiwi Munch comprises of a lunch box that when accurately measured gives dimensions as 13.9 cm (L) x 13.2 cm (W) x 5.2 cm (H) with a storage capacity of over 300ml. This means, the worried mothers needn't get worried about the sufficient diet of her child now. The Glass Sipper or the tumbler has a dimension of 7.5 cm (D) x 4.9 cm (H) and has a liquid capacity of more than 350ml. Yes, mothers, we see your concerns. Your child won't be thirsty from now on, Trust us! Keeping in mind the impatience our young generation possess, the Tupperware Tiwi Munch can be opened with a single hand of your growing child. The lunch box and the tumbler, scientifically tested, are air tight items, providing no room for those germs to enter the hard worked food. So, your child gets fresh food every day.

Thus, The Tupperware Tiwi Munch, being light, air tight, compatible, and budget friendly provides you the most economical option that enriches the true relation of a parent and the child.

Product Details
Manufacturer Part Number 8902324738732
Model Number Tupperware Tiwi Munch (Incl. Bag)001
Colour Red
Material Plastic

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