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Tvins Puri Press Puri Maker Papad Maker Chapati Maker

Tvins Puri Press Puri Maker Papad Maker Chapati Maker

Brand Tvins
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Overview: Tvins Puri Press Puri Maker Papad Maker Chapati Maker

Roti, chapatti, puri and papad forms a staple food in most Indian household. However, making a roti or puri is not an easy task and it takes time to make a proper roti. Be it a requirement of preparing roti for the dinner or your kid's school tiffin or for your guests, the process of puri or chapati making is considered a tiresome one. Keeping these factors in mind, Tvins brings to you Tvins Puri Press Puri Maker Papd maker chapatti maker. Tvins is one of the most popular and eminent brands and all Tvins products are made under stringent quality norms too provide you with premium quality product. Now, if you cannot give the right shape to the chapatti or puri, then this chapati making product will help you to prepare accurate round chapatti or puri without compromising on the quality. The chapatis which you will prepare by using this chapati maker will be equally soft and delicious. Along with this, the unique and smart design of this puri and chapatti maker will reduce the messy task of shaping and preparing chapatti, papad and puri. This chapatti maker is also saves a lot of timewasted on preparing the rotis. If you are looking for an elegant and smart and quick solution to make a large quantity of chapatis at your home for your guests or your family members, then this puri maker is ideal for you. 

Material and Design

This smart chapati maker has been designed from premium quality stainless steel material which ensures reliability and durability of the product. The non stick plates of this chapatti maker will help to prepare roti, papad or puri in a short time. Along with this, the smart design of this chapati maker ensures that the user can prepare the chapatti without making a mess as the dough won't stick on the non-stick plates. You simply need to place the dough in this non stick plate and then switch on the device. Experts have incorporated a smart light indicator that helps the user to get the status of the chapatti or papad. By using this chapati maker, you will be able to prepare a multiple number of roti in a short time. Along with this, the round design of this chapati maker will give precise and accurate shape chapatti or puri that you are making.

It also incorporates a proper handle near the chapati making plate. This will help the user to access the chapati maker in a comfortable manner. Along with this, special stands have been included to this puri preparation device. This feature lets the user keep the chapati maker properly on the surface of the kitchen. Being light in weight, the user can use this chapati maker comfortably. You simply need to set the right temperature to prepare the chapatti or papad. The upper plate of this chapatti maker has been attached to the lower part by using a pair of connectors, which facilitates the user to open and close the upper part easily. This chapatti maker is also travel friendly.

How to use

Preparing chapatti or papd in this chapati maker is really simple. Once the dough has been prepared you simply need to make small sized balls and place one at a time in between the two plates. Before that you must switch on the machine to heat it properly. Once the non stick plate has been heated properly, place the dough on it and press the upper lid and shape the dough into chapatti or puri as per your requirement. Once the roti is completed, place dough and follow this process.


Not only can you use this chapatti maker at home, you can also use it as a very good gift item. It makes perfect wedding, anniversary or house warming gift. This will help to reduce the stressful task of chapati or papad making.

How to maintain

Maintenance of this puri maker is not much of a hassle. However, like every other kitchen appliance, proper maintenance is required to ensure longevity of the product. The graceful and sleek look of this stainless steel product ensures that it can be cleaned easily and won't be taking much of your time. Before you start the cleaning process, unplug it from the socket. Next you can take a soft bristle duster and clean the flour dust that might settle in with time. Always make sure to use mild dish washing solutions to ensure proper maintenance of the product. Once you are done with cleaning with a bristle duster you can take a moist piece of cloth and clean the remaining of the puri-maker. Next you can take a dry piece of cloth to wipe away the moisture. Always wipe this device with a dry and soft cotton cloth before starting your papad or puri making. To get this essential kitchen product, you can buy Tvins Puri, Papad, Chapati Maker online and get it delivered to your home.

Special features

This multi-purpose puri and papad maker has been designed from premium quality stainless steel material

This product has a special non stick base

Ergonomic design

This roti and papad maker comes with an indicator

Easy to use

Will help to prepare round papad, roti without compromising on the quality

Helps to prepare roti, puri and papd in a short time

Consumes less electricity

Easy to clean

Easy to maintain

Product Details
Brand Tvins

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