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Twenty Love Poems: And A Song Of Despair

Twenty Love Poems: And A Song Of Despair

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Language English
Binding Paperback
Publisher RHUK

Twenty Love Poems is a collection of Pablo Neruda's most beautiful poems. It has been published by Random House UK. The poet, Pablo Neruda was probably the most prolific poet of the twentieth century. He published his first collection of poems when he was just 17 years old. Following that, he quickly developed a distinctive poetic personality.

This collection of poems was his third edition, and it was first published in 1924 when he was 19. Upon its release, he became a topic of discussion as the poems caused a scandal due to its raw and intense focus on sexuality. However, towards the 1960s, it became one of the poet's most admired works with more than two million copies being sold. With stanzas like "I have gone marking the atlas on your body with crosses of fire. My mouth went across: a spider, trying to hide. In you, behind you, timid, driven by thirst" this book will appeal to anyone with a romantic soul. Today, this collection continues to be one of his most treasured w ... See more

Pablo Neruda was born in Southern Chile in 1904 and led a life of poetic and political influence. Some of his famous works include Twilight and The Separate Rose among others. Along with being a poet, he also had a long illustrious career in politics. He served as the Chilean consul in numerous places such as Madrid, Mexico, Buenos Aires and France. Pablo received many prestigious awards for his poetry including the International Peace Prize in 1950, the Lenin Peace Prize and the Stalin Peace Prize in 1953, and the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1971... See less

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