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Twist Re-Heat N Serve Microwave Container Set (3 Piece Set) (Small)
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Twist Re-Heat N Serve Microwave Container Set (3 Piece Set) (Small)

Lowest online price: 289
Brand Twist
Size 3 IN
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Overview: Twist Re-Heat N Serve Microwave Container Set (3 Piece Set) (Small)

With busier lives in this fast growing world, every work and secondary household comes on the position of secondary priority or even lesser than that. Normally people do: covering a plate of leftovers with plastic and putting them in microwave to heat or pouring any vegetable pulses or anything in plastic and heating them in microwave to consume afterwards. This is one of the common things people use in their daily lives. According to recent report, this method of heating food in plastic wraps resulted out as a most harmful and riskier method. The risk of chemicals such as phthalates and BPA can become deadly harmful when heated. Although good plastic wraps and bags have low or minimal amount of chemicals but the risk is always there.

Microwave containers are commonly being used in household items. No matter what the food is like, microwave containers can be used to heat any item to its core. Fresh and hygienically warmed, the containers keep the original quality intact. The food warmed even after hours or other day even feels like freshly made at that time.

Microwaves have made life easier in busier world. With people in hurry to make everything running with their own speed, Microwaves especially have helped them the most. Food, hot drinks or anything to be heated takes time when done on gas. When done in microwave, it just takes few countable minutes. Also, a lot of work increases while using gas. Separate utensil, separate spoon and a lot of time make it all messy.

With the help of microwave containers that can be used for storage also in a casual way, heating of food becomes super easy. Just pouring or putting the content into container and placing it in microwave, gives it a minute or half or more as required and it's done.

Twist manufacturers, a known company launched micro wave containers that can be used in long run. Twist Re-heat N Serve Microwave Container set contains a 3 piece set in size small. These containers are microwave safe and can re-heated uncountable number of times. With a circular shaped container, it makes it easier to place in microwave and also helps in evenly heating of the content in container. Available in various color options, these container are a good deal to grab for.

Volume capacities for these also vary in different measurements. These contain 250 ml, 500 ml and 1100 ml containers. With different sizes availability in whole set, from less to lesser or from more to even more, all can be heated in easy steps.

This container maintains 100% food grade and truly keeps the food hygienic the same it was in its first place. Easy to handle and easy to clean, this three piece set is also dishwasher safe. An added advantage of being dishwasher safe helps to tackle in short time in fast world. Things which can be used to decrease the wastage of time make a person live a comfortable life without much effort.

These are refrigerator safe and can be even after taking out from the refrigerator at the same moment. Microwave container helps in decreasing the household work to much of the extent. Heating food was never this easy before. With good quality plastic, the durability becomes very high. Low quality plastics become brittle afterwards and break in pieces. Those low quality plastics can also contain chemicals which can be harmful for the consumer. May it be a yummy vegetable pulav, rice, noodles, vegetables, pulses or any other dish or drink can be heated which will result in a hot fresh dish in front. Time killing can be saved by using microwave and for using microwave; microwave containers make the use efficient and easier for the consumer. With these containers, the heating process can be fulfilled with quality intact guarantee. It's best to use container that can go with the requirement with no comprise with quality.

Features: Twist Re-Heat N Serve Microwave Container Set (3 Piece Set) (Small)

  • Microwave safe
  • Used to re-heat and serve pulav,rice,noodles,vegetables and other dishes.
  • The colors of the containers will be sent depending on the availability. It may differ from the one shown in the photo.
  • Volume capacity of containers : 250ml, 500ml and 1100ml respectively.
Product Details
Brand Twist
Size 3 IN

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