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EX...A Twisted love Story

EX...A Twisted love Story

Product Specifications
Language English
Binding Paperback
Publisher Random House India
A romantic thriller from the bestselling author of How About a Sin Tonight? To get to his heart, she seduced his mind. What will you do if one day a svelte and sexy girl comes up to you and says she is your ex?And the only thing you know about her is that you don't know anything about her. Neel, an aspiring author, meets Nivrita at the Jaipur Literary Festival. Though Nivrita saysshe is his ex, he remembers nothing and yet everything about her seems to lure him tounravel the mystery she personifies. The more he is drawn to her, the more Neel feels guiltybecause he is already in a steady relationship with Titiksha, the love of his life. When Nivrita makes a tempting offer to Neel, which he accepts for his own good, his lifeslowly begins to spiral out of control while Titiksha starts turning into a stranger until Neelrealizes there's much more than his eyes can see and mind can recollect. Novoneel Chakraborty, bestselling author of A Thing Beyond Forever, That Kiss In theRain, and How Ab ... See more
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