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Tynor Wrist Brace with Double Lock E-05, Small

Tynor Wrist Brace with Double Lock E-05, Small

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Overview: Tynor Wrist Brace With Double Lock E-05, Small

Wrist injuries are very common, here is a great product that is designed to support, protect or even partially immobilise your wrist, the Tynor Wrist Brace with Double Lock E-05 in small size. Did you know that any wrist injury that causes significant damage to your ligaments can result in serious problems in your wrist? That's why you need to allay local pain and inflammation at the earliest in case of wrist injury. This wrist brace with double lock features extra grip, porous and controlled compression. It can be applied easily to compress the area and retain your body heat. Its high-quality and striped elastic webbing provides better support in cases of injury caused due to sports, work or simply everyday arm use. Its high modulus of elasticity ensures that it retains the shape and size for a long time for prolonged use. It comes with hook loop double locking. It provides a good fit and ensures optimal compression. It has excellent compressive strength that lends better support. To top that, it is porous and comfortable as well.

Treat Wrist Pain with Ease

Wrist sprains and pains are common for all sorts of athletes. They can even be caused due to work-related tasks or accidental falls. While it is recommended that you speak with your doctor when you are unsure about the severity of your sprained wrist, you can choose to use Tynor Wrist Brace with Double Lock E-05 to support and protect common wrist injuries. It is recommended that you measure the circumference evenly around the wrist joint. The small size available in this pack measures 5-6.5 inches or 12.5-16.3 cms. The Hook loop Double locking on this one ensures better fit, optimal compression and it is easy to apply and remove as well. If you want to buy wrist braces online, visit We make it easy for you to find the best offers online in India.

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Brand Tynor

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