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UBI Soft The Adventures Of Tintin PC Game

UBI Soft The Adventures Of Tintin PC Game

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  1.  I'm ready fo the adventure 11 February, 2014 On
    This is an adventure game for teenagers and above and your misison is to help a scientist named Susan Anderson and her daughter Caitlin out of the trap. They are trapped amongst the debris and destruction caused by an earthquake.

    >> Good and Bad points :-
    I like the game for the way it makes you work hard but this is provinding you do not cheat all the time. I think a game which makes you focus on every ecene to work out ways of leaving is very good for concentration and will test a person's patience.
    I like the graphics on the scenes you are presented with because regardless of some of the items being small they are easy to notice when you find them so for me that is a bonus for this game.

    I do not like the amount of hints you are given, I feel the hints ruin the game and there should be a set number of them to be used during a scene. You could in theory complete the game with very little effort if you wanted to which is pointless.
    I feel the gameplay suffers when the dialogue scenes are done between the characters and it is something which is annoting and left me stamping my feet at times due to the amount of time it took to actually get to the next scene.

    >> My Opinion :-
    The game is not for the younger children, the graphics make the game easy to play and patience needs to be strong but this game is for teenagers and it is an adventure game.
    You will be presented with 25 brain teaser type puzzle scenes and 60 hidden object puzzles and as you can see this will take up plenty of time.

    My advice is do not use the hints all the time because once you keep using them you become obsessed with using them all the time which ruins the game overall.
    And experience a good game and because are strong it makes the game more enjoyable.

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