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Watch Dogs (Xbox 360)

Watch Dogs (Xbox 360)

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Overview: Watch Dogs

Developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft, the Watch Dogs game is thrilling, interesting and addictive. It is an exciting, open world, action-adventure video game, that is played from a third-person perspective.

The plot is set on the fictionalized version of the famous Chicago city in the US. The Ubisoft Watch Dogs - Xbox 360 game lets you hack the city and take everything under your control in a snap. Answer violence best, by violence! The storyline follows Aiden Pearce, a grey hat hacker in his journey of seeking revenge for the death of his niece. The single-player story lets the players to roam freely on the streets, as well as open country sides and slums. You can navigate through the city both on-foot or by vehicles. Cut through sky-towering buildings and scaling rooftops, explore the dangerous undergrounds to catch your target in the city.

It also features an online multi-player mode that allows up to eight players to play at a time, in both cooperative and competitive gameplay modes. Complete various missions successfully that are set, to progress through the story. The players can roam for a long time without any restrictions to explore the city, outside of missions, but only the story progress will unlock more gameplay content.

Blume Corporation has developed and installed the ctOS, a supercomputer that connects to everyone and everything in the city, including personal information, security cameras and traffic lights. Aiden Pearce, a brilliant hacker and an ex-thug, hacks the ctOS and fights to bring justice for his family in his own way. Now the players will take up his role, on the hunt for those who hurt his family. Monitor and hack all people, who surround you, with death and danger. Manipulate everything that is connected to the city's network in your favour and access security cameras, which are present everywhere. Download personal information to locate the target and once you find your enemy, control traffic lights and public transportation causing collisions to stop them. Decide everything with a single swipe in a smartphone at the palm of your hands.

The players can hack into different phones to retrieve bank data and steal funds. Unlock new cars, weapons and in-game music or receive information on civilians through augmented reality feeds. You can do this by offering them information on demographics and health, as well as potential behaviour. With your ability to summon cars and weaponry, stop trains and raise those security barriers, black out the entire city and slow down time to shoot your enemies. Create cover and eliminate opponents with your hacking talent. Anything that is connected to the ctOS can become your weapon and come to your help in the hour of need. You can also create diversions and sneak past through guards safely. When you commit more crimes and reach the highest crime rate level, the law enforcement will respond. Escape from the officers' line of sight and proceed the game to complete your mission.

Main Characters

Aiden Pearce is the protagonist of the story. Pearce encounters and faces deadly enemies like Delford Iraq Wade, a gang leader with a military background; and Dermot Lucky Quinn, the crime boss of the city and the owner of the Merlaut Hotel. Throughout the plot, he also meets up with various allies, including Jordi Chin, a fixer and hired partner; Clara Lille, a tattoo artist and member of the DedSec hacker group; and Raymond T-Bone Kenney, a former ctOS engineer and hacker.

Get this Xbox 360 game, follow the digital trail, cast an expansive shadow, hack everything anonymously and bring street justice to Pearce!

Features: Watch Dogs

  • Hack The City - Watch_Dogs takes place in a fully simulated living city where, using your smartphone, you have real-time control over the city's infrastructure. Trap your enemy in a 30-car pileup by manipulating the traffic lights. Stop a train, and then board it to evade the authorities. Narrowly escape capture by quickly raising a drawbridge. Anything connected to the city's ctOS can become your weapon.
  • Street Justice - Living in inner city Chicago where violence is best answered by violence, you have the skills to take the fight to the streets. Take down enemies by delivering devastating blows with your baton, or experience a shoot-out like never before with a physics simulation that rivals anything in the shooter category. Overall, you will have access to more than 30 traditional weapons.
  • High Octane - With help from Ubisoft Reflections, the acclaimed studio behind the award-winning Driver series, Watch_Dogs offers a stable bursting with horsepower. Get behind the wheel of more than 65 vehicles, each with state-of-art physics and handling, and explore the massive city while completing missions.
  • Everything Is Under Control - Disrupt, the all-new game engine dedicated to Watch_Dogs, uses advanced processing and graphics to deliver a stunning visual and an incredibly realistic experience. Disrupt gives you the power to affect the story, the city and the life of the population with your choices creating a ripple effect throughout the city.
  • Dynamic Navigation - Watch_Dogs gives you the ability to not only use the city's ctOS to your advantage, but the streets as well. In real-world Chicago, cut through one of the buildings or climb to the rooftops to catch your target.
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 19 cm x 13.5 cm x 1.4 cm

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  1.  NEXT GENERATION 14 May, 2014 On
    hi pc game folks am kannan :i have played the demo of this game ind am telling you guyz its AMAIZING
    after gta sanandreas this is it
    you must buy this product its something big

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  2.  must buy! 16 May, 2014 On
    Superb game! A must buy! I'm telling you guys this game indeed is really cool 😎! I have this game and I recommend all of you to buy this! This game gives us freedom to do whatever e want! In this game you can do various stuff like hack into other peoples mobile! Hack PCs and what not! A spectacular game indeed! 😊
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