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ULTRA Perfect S 2L Wet Grinder

ULTRA Perfect S 2L Wet Grinder

Lowest online price: 7,980
Brand Ultra
Model Number PERFECT+ 230V
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Overview: ULTRA Perfect S 2L Wet Grinder

Thanks to technology which has made many of our tasks easier and more convenient in the kitchen. Kitchen is inseparable and the most important part of a house, one cannot think about a house without a good kitchen in it. Kitchen makes a house complete and with technology adding its zing to it, kitchen has become the most integral part of a house. Technology has penetrated our lives so much so deep that one cannot think of a life without it, home appliances makes a kitchen complete. Microwave oven, fridge, rice cooker, air fryer, mixer grinder and induction cooker are few indispensible appliance for today's kitchen. This Wet Grinder Perfect S 230V by Ultra is designed keeping all those home appliances in mind. Place an online order for this Wet Grinder Perfect S 230V by Ultra and make your contemporary kitchen look wonderful.

When talking about women the most important part of the house is the kitchen, our kitchen is like the neuron of the house and it gets really difficult if things at kitchen get messy. Earlier when there was no refrigerators or cabinets vegetables and food items used to get stale and musty but now with the trend of coolers and refrigerators no food items gets wasted. Similarly when we did not have the benefits of food grinding machines, we used to make paste of spices and other food items on stone or wooden plank with a heavy rolling pin. But now with the advent of technology in home appliances mixer grinders have come into picture and after the latest trend of fashionable kitchen Wet Grinder Perfect S 230V by Ultra nobody has to worry about grinding food anymore.


This Ultra Wet Grinder Perfect S 230V has a very stylish and unconventional look. It comes in a compact jar and body. The Ultra Wet Grinder Perfect S 230V has a very catchy and unique purple color. The purple shade makes your kitchen look vibrant and alive. The jar has a broad mouth where you can put a good quality of food for grinding. The grinder has easy press button with instruction written on it. Now you need not struggle with the complex technology of other mixer grinders. The cover of this Ultra mixer grinder is transparent so that you can keep a check on your grinding food. You need not open the cover every now and then to check the food's condition. The small and compact size of the mixer grinder gives you the freedom of placing it wherever you want. The sleek and glossy look of the Ultra Wet Grinder Perfect S 230V enhances the look of your contemporary kitchen.

Easy Cleaning and Disposal

Unlike other grinders where the food usually gets stuck in the sieve making it difficult to wash, Ultra has incorporated Quick Clean technology in it. Thanks to Quick Clean technology you will not have hard time cleaning the grinder. It can be done in the same quick and easy manner as you get the food crushed. It is just a matter of one minute and the polished sieve is cleaned. The surfaces are smooth and do not attract stains. You just need to wipe the surfaces with damp cloth as you are sorted. All the waste is collected in one place for easy disposal. It does not stain the lids or any other part of the grinder. The cover of the container is transparent and you can easily see through the jars. It allows you to get an idea about the amount the food formed on the container. It will prevent the food from over flowing. Te see through also allows you to see when the container is full and when it is time to empty it. You can adjust the Speed settings according to your need. The feet of this grinder are non-slip, which means it will not move or shift from its place while the juicing is being done. This in turn prevents any accidents. The safety clamps adds to the security level. Clean the grinder well with damp cloth every time you use it, do not rub the jar with wired scrubber or plastic as it might affect the exterior of the grinder. Buy Wet Grinder Perfect S 230V by Ultra online and live a healthy and disease free life.

Features: ULTRA Perfect S 2L Wet Grinder

  • 2 Litres Capacity
  • Powerful 150 Watt Motor
  • AISI 304 Stainless Steal Drum
  • Noiseless and Vibration Free Operation
  • Made of Food Grade Plastic And Rust Proof Materials
Product Details
Brand Ultra
Model Number PERFECT+ 230V
Wattage 230 Watts
Item Package Quantity 1
Warranty 5 years manufacturing Warranty
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 3 kg

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Overall Rating 4.4 out of 5 stars
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