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Ubisoft Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag-PC

Ubisoft Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag-PC

Censor Rating A (Adults Only)
ESRB Rating Mature
Manufacturer Ubisoft
Platform Pc
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Overview: Ubisoft Assassin's Creed IV

Ubisoft Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, PC game is here to entertain you and challenge you at the same time. This PC game is one of the most popular games of all the times. The game is not only full of adventure and action but also has a strong storyline and intriguing plot. This wholesome game is bound to keep you entertained and enthralled for a long time. Bring the excitement back in your life with this lifelike gameplay.

Mesmerizing GraphicsUbisoft Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, PC game has an interesting storyline and its high-quality graphics make it come alive on PC screen. Immerse yourself in the 18th century pirate scene and let your imagination run wild. The story revolves around Caribbean locations where pirates rule the roost. The protagonist of the story is Edward Kenway who is famous for his war-hungry nature. He is trained by assassins and lives life dangerously. You can live life vicariously with thisvideo game that lets you fight battles, command your ship and pillage. You also get to choose your team from the available characters and draw your own strategy to make your missions successful. The video game has exotic theme and will get the adrenaline rushing throughout the gameplay. The graphics are sharp and life like. The locales are imaginatively conceived and beautifully portrayed. You will feel like a part of real action. The game is fast paced and there are no lags to give you a smooth experience. This game is good not only for beginners but also for the seasoned players who are well versed with the ins and outs of the fighter video games. The game comes for PC and therefore is easy to install. You do not need expensive game consoles to play this game. The installation process is smooth and intuitive. The game menus are also user friendly. It will attract the players who are interested in action games and adventure stories. It will also appeal to the players with liking for fast-paced games.

Various Modes

Ubisoft Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, PC game is a versatile game and can accommodate the requirements of the players with varied interests. The game can be played in single player or multiplayer mode. Single player mode lets you exercise more control over your gameplay. The multiplayer mode of this game lets you exploit all the big features of this game. It has many options to make your gaming experience more fun and adventurous. Try out its Booby trap option that gives you an option to quickly obliterate your enemy. It also has many other features such as wolfpack. This feature helps you in getting your levels up. Its multiplayer mode lets you play with people from different places and promotes harmony. It also tests your strategy making capabilities and your team play abilities. This game also allows you to explore open worlds, which are filled with intrigue and adventure. The game is able to let the players completely immerse in the storyline. You can also use various gadgets to enhance the quality and experience of the game. The game lets you use 360 controller with the PC version of the game. Its intense game play will completely absorb you and transports you to various exotic locales. This game is the fourth installment of wildly popular Assassin's Creed and does not disappoint you. It takes the whole series to a completely new level. You can easily customize the game to meet your expectations. It provides overall experience, which is unparalleled. Live in a pirate's world with the game. To get this product, you can place the order online.

Product Features

Awesome Graphics

Single Player and Multiplayer Modes

PC Game

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Product Details
Censor Rating A (Adults Only)
ESRB Rating Mature
Manufacturer Ubisoft
Platform Pc
Release Date October 28, 2013

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Overall Rating 4.5 out of 5 stars
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Most Helpful Reviews
  1.  AC-4 - PC- Single and Multiplayer Review 17 November, 2013 On
    Well thanks to Ubisoft delaying the PC release for 3 weeks, us PC gamers have to bear a frustrating wait to get our turn into the Games. But luckily i managed to get my hands on a copy of PS3 and therefore can write about it.

    Game review:

    Single Player:- Now the Much hype regarding the badass Kenway expected to cause a bang is actually a fizzle as Kenway is not a Good guy fighting for justice but just another scallywag running for profit. Although its quite interesting as we dont know now who is right whether the Templars or the Assassins as both seem to have their own flaws but we play as Assassins so they are still the good guys.

    The positives with the AC-4 are a huge open World to explore at leisure pace, effcient fast travel system, Customization options especially that of ur ship, treasure hunts, Privateering stuff and Pirating stuff, improved stealth and combat mechanics. Yet it still had a lot of bugs and feels like AC-3.

    Edward kenway Is definitely not gonna beat the Top dogs Altair and Ezio . I really Miss Ezio :(

    Anyways single player is Just one side of the Game the real fun is its Multiplayer

    Multiplayer Review:-

    The Main fun and strength of the game is its multiplayer because thats what any regular player plays for the longest time. So much expectations were there but the muliplayer was still pretty much the same as AC-3 except it has new characters, customizations and some new abilties. The background is Bluegreen instead of black as in AC-3.

    The Booby trap was especially funny which gives an instant kill of opponent player. The Smoke bomb however was ineffective compared with ac-3. Also the stun mechanisms have improved so u can stun effectively and easily. The Maps were pretty cool and tricky for aerial kills for a defender but for an attacker is highly resourceful for evasion.

    The wolfpack which was so boring and redundant in AC-3 has been improved but its still the same. Wolpack can help u level up during Noob days to play better with prestigers if u buy late. But its useless on the longer run.

    The best thing about Assassin's Creed multiplayer is the cordial friendly atmosphere where u can make a lot of friends via U-play. Here almost every player knows the other player.

    Im getting mine but have to wait for another 2 weeks !!!

    Conclusion:- Multiplayer is why u shud consider getting this game because its one of the best out there and really tests ur skills in gameplay and teamwork
    Thank you for your feedback Was this review helpful to you?
  2.  Awesome Game....Amazing Graphics...Good Game Play!! 24 December, 2013 On
    Though I'm not a hard core gamer, I had an eye on Assassins Creed game series and was looking forward to buy AC4 Black Flag....

    So finally, for the first time ever, I bought a video game from online shopping site last week.Ever since I got my hand on this game, I've been playing it and I feel very happy to say I love this game.

    This game comes in 3 DVDs, this installation process was pretty easy but when I started to play it asked to me make Ubisoft uPlay account...But since I'm not very much of a gamer, I found it disappointing that you cannot skip the registration process....All I wanted was to play the game right away.

    So after registration, when I clicked to play it said I have to download additional 2GB+ ....thank God that I have pretty fast internet connection here...otherwise I would have gone mad!

    So finally after downloading, I played it.

    Gotta say, this was one of the best game graphics I have played on my Dell XPS 15 with nVidia 540 GT graphics card.Played it with max settings....everything was fine.

    The gameplay is awesome, I will never forget this gaming experience.

    Like I said earlier, this was the first time I'm spending this much money on a video game, but it didn't disappoint me.I'm happy :)

    This game is a must play for all those who like action, story, adventure etc..
    Thank you for your feedback Was this review helpful to you?
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