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Far Cry 3 (PS3)

Far Cry 3 (PS3)

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Overview: Far Cry 3

What will you do when you are stranded alone on a mysterious tropical island that is totally cut off from civilization? When you find out that you are stuck in a lawless place with full of piracy and human misery, where your only way of escape is drugs or the muzzle of a gun?

Face your insanity with this open-world based first-person shooter video game. Developed mainly by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft for PlayStation 3, it is a great and interesting game. Specially designed for those who love violence, this game leaves them wanting more again. Step into the shoes of Jason Brody, a young American who is left alone at the edge of the world, when a vacation went wrong by all means. The Far Cry 3 - The Lost Expeditions game is all about Brody saving his friends and escaping from the hostile islands that is full of horror and corruption. Its plot moves with getting him involved with the native people of the island, known as Rakyats, and helping them to reclaim the island from the heartless and deadly pirates. In these islands of hell, players will decide when, where and how the events of the game unfold forth. As Jason collects various skills, the tattoo on his forearm will grow with several different tribal designs resembling the three animal skill trees.

Slash everyone who comes in your way, sneak up the path, detonate the miseries and shoot your enemy's way across the deserted island which has lost all its sense of right and wrong. The Far Cry 3 game has two exclusive missions to complete. Its Forgotten Experiment mission is all about Jason discovering the way to escape by activating those old experiments in a neglected and forgotten research facility and unleash the electric storm that could even kill him, leaving him only a do or die choice. The Ignition in the Deep experiment is about the use of Jason's wits and skills to survive. What he does when got in between the detrimental pirates and an abandoned missile leaking a lake of fuel that is ready to blast any moment. This game also features a competitive multi-player mode, a map designer for multi-player, and a 2-4 player cooperative campaign.

Set on a tropical Asian-Pacific archipelago known as the Rook Island, this PlayStation 3 game is designed with alluring mountain ranges, marshy grasslands and white sandy beaches. It has over 20 different species of magnificent and untamed animals, including Asian black bears, Komodo dragons, sharks, tigers, leopards, coral reef fish, crocodiles, mountain lions, and many more. It also features various types of useful and attractive plants such as Arrowroot, Screwpine, Golden Beehive, Torch Ginger, Heliconia, Yellow Sage, Breeze Wakame, Lotus Flower, and Tiare, among others. Mainly, these plants are used to craft potent syringes. This natural environment can be used as a tool for survival by deceiving your enemies or improvising your attack techniques and plans.

Take off your enemy in an eye-closing moment. This action game includes 39 different weapons which can be customized, according to your wish with a variety of paints and additions. With the necessary handguns, explosives, knives, light machine guns, launchers, shotguns, sniper and assault rifles, and miscellaneous weapons, outwit the ruthless combatants who live a life with questionable morals. Bring a spark of hope and fight against the dark humanity with terror.

Features: Far Cry 3

  • Use an arsenal of weapons and explosives to run gun-first into the action, take down nearby adversaries with your blade or snipe unsuspecting enemies from a distance
  • Explore an island playground as stunningly beautiful as it is diverse from mountain ranges to swampy grasslands and white sandy beaches. Fight your way through the island's towns, temples, river ports and more
  • Encounter a diverse and realistic cast of characters as you dive into this deep and enriching story, where morals are questionable and hope is all but abandoned
  • Far Cry 3 is being developed by the world-class game designers who brought you such critically acclaimed titles as Assassin's Creed 2, Assassin's Creed Brotherhood and World in Conflict
  • Innovative multiplayer modes, maps and features reward both individual skill and team play. After each match, choose to punish or humiliate your foes in fun and twisted ways with interactive cut scenes

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Overall Rating 4.3 out of 5 stars
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  1.  Awesome game..!! 1 October, 2014 On
    This is the third part of the hit franchisee FAR CRY. Must try this game. Also, the price is not too high.
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