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Ultimate Nutrition 2544 Muscle Juice

Ultimate Nutrition 2544 Muscle Juice

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Overview: Ultimate Nutrition 2544 Muscle Juice

For those keen on building a sculpted body and flowing muscles, mass-gaining supplements are no longer optional but a necessary part of their diet just like strict workout regimens. But no amount of mass-gain supplement can provide a magical solution to your weight-gain problems unless you workout religiously and consume a well-planned diet. In addition to a good diet and proper work-out, you need an advanced muscle mass formula that is rife with proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals that helps packing on muscle. The Ultimate Nutrition Muscle Juice from the house of Ultimate Nutrition is a weight gain drink mix that encourages your body to accept more protein and calories than you burn and thus enhances performances for body building.

Available in banana flavour, the Ultimate Nutrition Muscle Juice provides 55g of proteins per serving from a blend of whey protein concentrate, egg white albumin and calcium caseinate. Protein stimulates muscle growth in addition to repairing damaged cells and therefore is of utmost importance for gaining mass. Nutritionists recommend taking a protein-rich meal right after a workout. The Ultimate Nutrition Muscle Juice also provides an additional dose of carbohydrates along with glutamine and arginine for strengthening your muscles. This product not only fuels muscle growth but also helps you to gain the most out of your workout. Unlike other muscle-building products, this product is devoid of any side-effects and also suits your budget. Mix 4 scoops of Ultimate Nutrition Muscle Juice with 18 ounces of milk or water and enjoy it between meals or after intense training sessions for marked improvements.

In addition to those striving to add muscle mass, the Ultimate Nutrition Muscle Juice is highly beneficial for athletes, swimmers, cyclists, weight-lifters and all sportspersons involved in strenuous activities. This product is available in Junglee at a price lowest than all other online sellers. Order this product online at junglee and stay updated with customer reviews and additional discounts.

Features: Ultimate Nutrition 2544 Muscle Juice

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