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Ultimate Nutrition Iso Sensation Protein

Ultimate Nutrition Iso Sensation Protein

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Overview: Ultimate Nutrition Iso Sensation Protein

Who likes to be taunted as a human toothpick and bear those frustrating moments looking for S-size clothes which often hang loose on you making you resemble more like a clothes hanger. In addition to devoting time on exercise, consuming plenty of water and giving yourself a good sleep, you require a protein-rich dietary supplement to replenish the protein requirement of your body that a good diet alone cannot provide. Needless to worry, Ultimate Nutrition has devised an advanced supplement called ISO Sensation with whey protein isolate processed with microfiltration technology which digests readily and fuels muscle growth.

The ISO Sensation offers 30g of iso-chill whey protein in one scoop of 33g which your muscles absorb easily. Unlike casein protein that takes time to digest and absorb, whey protein is always a preferred choice over casein protein for packing up muscle and combating weight loss because of its fast absorption rate. Whey proteins are of three types- concentrates, isolates and hydrolysates among which isolate whey protein possesses 90% protein concentration devoid of fat and lactose constituents. Hence those with lactose intolerance can safely consume the ISO Sensation with iso-chill whey protein. Enriched with glutamine it supports your immune system and helps you to recover fast after an intense workout session by pumping up your muscle performance. Ultimate Nutrition presents the ISO sensation in an all new flavour of cookies and cream that is appealing to the taste buds as well as top overall health.

Mix one scoop of ISO Sensation in water or non-fat milk and consume after work-out to recharge your body for the next session. The price may be a bit hefty on the pocket but it is worthwhile to spend money on quality products which assures you value for money. Shop ISO Sensation in Junglee and get it at 22% off on MRP without the additional burden of shipping charges.

Features: Ultimate Nutrition Iso Sensation Protein

  • Product weight : 5lb
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Manufacturer Ultimate Nutrition

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