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Unica Mini Laser Projector Stage Lighting Sound Activated Laser Light for Party and DJ
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Unica Mini Laser Projector Stage Lighting Sound Activated Laser Light for Party and DJ

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Product Description

With winter on, it is time to party and have fun, so to add life to the party hereby bringing you the sound activated mini laser projector. If you are planning a great party to enjoy the winter chills or a birthday party or a reception, or nevertheless, opening a disco or pub or a place for young-stars to hangout, this will surely light up the ambience and your mood too. This easy to handle and mobile projector is all a party lover or a party house should have. This laser projector is perfect for DJ using in night clubs, discos, pubs, bars and even home parties, Diwali light, Christmas light etc. Well if you wish, you can also buy this laser projector online from any corner of the world.

Product description

This laser projector is a handy device that weighs approximately 0.5-0.6 kg. It comes with a detachable, height adjusting stand which will allow you to place this product at any corner best suited. Also this can be hanged on the ceiling or attached to the wall thus providing you with ample choices regarding its placement. This laser generates red and green lights with star like patterns decorating the environment aptly. The red laser wavelength is 650mm with a power of 100mw and the green laser wavelength is 532mm with a power of 50mw. The red and green laser stars spreads out as matrix with more than 500 dots. This laser projector can be controlled both by voice activated mode and auto stroke mode. This projector comes with adjustable strobe speed and sound sensitivity. This laser projector also suffice the eco friendly conditions as there's no UV or IR light radiations and its energy saving. The brightness is also pretty high. This projector comes in metallic blue colour in stainless aluminum metal. The size specification of this laser projector is- 4.72"(l) x 3.62"(w) x 2.05"(h).


This laser projector has 3 control modes namely, auto, strobe and voice activated. It has adjustable motor speed and voice control sensitivity. This projector has semi-conductor laser with fan cooling system which will help in keeping the device cool and will ensure prolonged longevity. This laser projector displays patterns like dynamic liquid sky, animated moving stars, cloud formation, etc. The sound activated mode enables the projector to emit laser beams in accordance with the music played in the house. This laser projector comes in compact form, thus making it perfectly mobile allowing you to carry the device in your chosen spot. The input voltage required is AC 110-240 V, 50/60 Hz. It is powered by AC adapter (5.0V DC, 1-1.5A). It's a Seven Star original product. This laser projector comes with a 15 day warranty against any manufacturing defects. The package contains 1 laser light projector, 1 charger, 1 manual and 1 tripod.


This projector is of Class III B grade. Thus should not be directly exposed to eyes. The voltage should not exceed the mentioned limitation. Do not expose off in open. This projector is for indoor use only.

Key features

Life: 30,000H

Blue and red laser lights

3 control modes

Sound and voice control activated

Adjustable motor speed

Adjusted and controllable strobe speed and sound sensitivity

Star like laser patterns spread out as matrix with more than 500 dots


The laser projector should be kept boxed and should be kept away from heat and fire. It should be properly cleaned at regular interval and handled with care for longevity. So shop online Sound Activated Laser Projector till the stock lasts and light up your party

About the Brand

Seven Star is an importer and whole-seller of electronic accessories located in New York City, USA. Since its birth in 1987, it has been leading the market in 220 volts accessories, including voltage regulators, adapters, power inverters, transformers, voltage converters, adapter plugs etc. At Seven Stars, quality stands as the number one priority. They stand a long way ahead of the competitors in providing most updated design and quality products. It is a promising brand and will continue to establish new levels of innovation and deliver newer products in future. The products of Seven Star are now widely used by international markets like that of America, Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia.

Product Features

  • 4 point laser light
  • Disco, dance, parties
  • Very attractive
  • Note: Design and brand can be differ from picture
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 14.2 cm x 12.4 cm x 9 cm

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Overall Rating 3.2 out of 5 stars
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