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Unicorn Red Metal Dangle & Drop Earrings For Women (Uerlet02Rd-R)
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Unicorn Red Metal Dangle & Drop Earrings For Women (Uerlet02Rd-R)

Lowest online price: 210
Manufacturer Unicorn
Brand Unicorn
Metal Type Base Metal
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Overview: Unicorn Red Metal Dangle & Drop Earrings For Women (Uerlet02Rd-R)

Jewellery is, by far, the most admired accessory for women. Ladies have traditionally adorned themselves with various types of jewellery. As different industries progressed, so did the jewellery designing and manufacturing companies. There are numerous varieties available in the market today. Some of the common pieces that women wear even in daily life are bangles, earrings and neckpieces. Do you desire to expand your earrings collection? Do you intend to buy a piece that is small but very beautiful? If your answers to these questions are in affirmation, then you should buy the Unicorn UERLET02RD Ramleela Dangle Red Earring online today. The advantage that you have is that the jewellery is available online. You can find out the features of the earrings without visiting a jewellery outlet and can place the order for the piece from your home or office. Fast delivery is another advantage as the product is delivered to your preferred address within a few days since the confirmation of the order.

Features and Design of Unicorn Ramleela Dangle Red Earrings:

The Unicorn Ramleela dangle red earrings mainly has two parts - the top part which is attached to the lobe has the pin from which hangs the dangling part of the ornament. Both the parts are studded with artificial pearls and diamonds. The farthest ends of each earring measures less than 6 centimetres. The top part of the earrings has a water drop like design in the inverted position. There is a ruby imitation in the middle of it. Metal pearls of bronze colour line the ruby imitation. The next layer is of diamond imitations which are followed by three levels of the bronze pearls. The pearls studded on the outer side are slightly bigger than those studded to line the ruby.

There is a circular part fixed below the top part. It has the same arrangement of ruby imitation at the centre, lined by small bronze coloured pearls, followed by a layer of diamonds. The dangling part of the jewellery is slightly larger than a 10-rupee coin. The dangling part of the earrings has two layers. The inner layer features 20 diamond imitations and its rim features pearl imitations encased in bronze.

Benefits of the Unicorn Ramleela Dangle Red Earrings:

This pair of ethnic earrings has been designed by Unicorn to give you that edgy look. One issue that most of the ladies face, especially those who have to do errands, is the comfort quotient of any jewellery. Heavy jewellery can be worn only for special occasions while light ornaments often do not meet the expectations of women as far the design and comfort factor is concerned. This pair of Unicorn ethnic looking earrings is appropriate in terms of size, design and materials. It has an intricate and subtle design that makes it suitable for regular wear as well as for special events. So, shop online Unicorn Ramleela dangle red ethnic earrings today.

Maintenance, Care and Storage Tips for Unicorn Ramleela Dangle Red Earrings:

Being careful about cleaning jewellery is very important. The first and the foremost thing that you should do is read the instructions on the manual. Besides, you should never use sharp and pointed things to clean the corners and crevices of the earrings. Do not use any chemical unless it is approved as safe for jewellery cleaning. There are certain chemicals that are dedicatedly made for cleaning jewellery. You should use only those if you think chemicals are required. The best way is to approach a jewellery dealer in order to clean and enhance the look of the earrings.

About Unicorn:

Unicorn is a jewellery boutique store with physical as well as online presence. It is the largest independent jewellery store owned and operated by a San Diego family. The Ramleela dangle earrings are exemplary of the kind and quality of jewellery developed by Unicorn.

Key Highlights:

Red Gems

Metal base

Circular design

Features: Unicorn Red Metal Dangle & Drop Earrings For Women (Uerlet02Rd-R)

  • Ramleela Earrings
  • Base Metal - Zinc
  • Light in Weight (28 grams)
  • Length - 50mm, Width - 40mm
  • Product Manufactured, Marketed and Exclusively Sold by Unicorn Enterprises under Brand Name UNICORN
Product Details
Manufacturer Unicorn
Brand Unicorn
Model Number UERLET02RD
Colour Red
Metal Type Base Metal
Item Package Quantity 1
Warranty Type No Warranty
Material Metal

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