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Uniden UM380BK Class D Full - Feature Fixed Mount VHF Marine Radio
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Uniden UM380BK Class D Full - Feature Fixed Mount VHF Marine Radio

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Product Description

Marine VHF Radio is a technology of radio frequency range between 156 and 162 Mega Hertz. It is installed on all large ships and tankers, often on seagoing small craft to make above mentioned frequency transmissions. It may be used on rivers and lakes but with a little different configuration. Marine VHF radios are used for ample of purposes like summoning rescue services and communicating with harbours, locks, bridges and marinas. It operates in very high frequency range of 156 and 162 Mega Hertz. This device is widely used for collision avoidance in many areas. They are a combination of transmitter and receiver which only operates on standard, international frequencies known as channels. Modern marine VHF radios not only offer basic transmit capabilities but also receiving channels.

About the product

Uniden UM380BK Class D Full - Feature Fixed Mount VHF Marine Radio is an equipment which could be widely used as very popular marine device. This has employed a black colour cover which looks amazing. The Wattage is of total 25 Watts which is a pretty good amount if we deal in marine equipments. This product weighs around 1.6 kilograms with appropriate dimensions. This rugged Microphone with a channel of 16/9 and triple watch select keys Text display is a very good one to be installed on ships. This triple watch select keys Text Display is there to show channel names, Radio menu, DSC Features, GPS data Compact. Available at a very reasonable cost, this product lies among the category of 'must-haves' in case of the technological equipments which offer quality output.

About the Manufacturer

This unique product has been brought to you by Uniden, a popular company in the wireless communication industry. Uniden believes in delivering the high quality premium product as its actual line of business works on research and development for good product output. It has produced over two million wireless products each and every month, hence it is a very reliable brand of wireless communication devices. Uniden Fixed Mount VHF Marine Radio has been developed by following a good research methodology in the field of advancement in the technological worldwide. It has kept the latest technology as the priority while manufacturing these technical equipments. Easy to avail, this VHF marine radio deserves to be bought by the customers due to its upgraded technological aspects, a two way communication system and easy instalment.

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Product Details
Manufacturer Uniden
Brand Uniden
Model Number UM380BK
Item Package Quantity 1
Technical Specification
User Input Buttons
Display Size 1.8 inches
Wattage 25 Watts
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 1.5 kg
Product Dimensions 27.9 cm x 22.9 cm x 10.2 cm

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