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Unique Dealz 4 Layer Stackable Shoe Rack

Unique Dealz 4 Layer Stackable Shoe Rack

Brand Unique Dealz
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Product Description

Bringing in shoes inside the house is considered unhygienic. This is said to bring in many unwanted things along like germs, bacteria, pet waste, garbage and what not. It has been seen that most Asian families follow the tradition of removing their shoes before entering the house, which is a very good practice. To help you keep up this habit, get the Black Plastic 4 Layer Shoe Rack from the house of Unique Dealz rightaway.


The Unique Dealz Black Plastic 4 Layer Shoe Rack is made of sturdy plastic stands and metal rods. It can store up to 12 pairs of adult size sandals, shoes and slippers. The two black sides have heart shaped openings on its sides with four racks. There are two handles on each side that allows you to move it easily from one place to another. The distance between the rods attached for holding the shoes can be adjusted. It can be easily assembled at home without any tools. It is stylishly designed and easily blends with your modern décor. Its compact size lets you place it easily in any corner of the house, ideally beside the main door.

Key highlights

The sturdy plastic stands and metal rods makes the shoe rack extremely durable.

Multiple racks can be added on top for vertical storage.

The handles on both the sides makes it easy to carry from one place to another.

The shoe rack is lightweight.


The Black Plastic 4 Layer Shoe Rack is light in weight and be conveniently moved from one place to another. This product comprises four racks. Each and every rack holds a capacity of storing three pairs of shoes like shoes, heels, loafers etc. There are multiple holes for each tier that lets you adjust the distance of the two rods on any tier. if you want to store baby shoes, you can adjust the gap between the two rods to minimum. The portable shoe rack is also detachable so that you can store it easily when not in use. You can keep your shoes in order in this lightweight shoe rack. In fact, this shoe rack has been designed in such manner that it can be easily moved from one place to another. One of the basic importance of using a shoe rack is you don't have to search for your pair of matching shoes here and there as all of them are stacked neatly in one rack. Place it beside your main door and this will save you and your family from tripping over. You can also place it in your balcony or the staircase if you are residing in a flat. Stacking shoes in a shoe rack keeps your house neat and tidy and at the same time germ-free to a great extent.  So shop this Lightweight  Shoe Rack  for 12 Pairs from the online store today which will help you keep your house neat and tidy.

Maintenance and care

Like most furniture if taken proper care, this shoe rack will also serve you for long. The maintenance of this rack is also very easy as you just need to wipe it with a clean cloth. Since the base is made of rods, the dust particles doesn't get accumulated.

About the brand

The brand Unique Dealz is one of the popular online destinations where you can get a wide range of modern and attractive utility furniture. Their vision is to offer their customers high class shopping experience by bringing them a huge range of quality space saving products and also providing them after sales service

So buy online this Lightweight  Shoe Rack  for 12 Pairs online and teach your kids to be organised.

Product Details
Brand Unique Dealz

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