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Unique Gadget Football Soccer Bean Less Bed Inflatable 60kg Sofa Cum Chai

Unique Gadget Football Soccer Bean Less Bed Inflatable 60kg Sofa Cum Chai

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Product Description

Looking for a funky accessory to dress up your little one's room? Unique gadget brings a super cool inflatable sofa cum chair in the shape and design of football soccer. You can shop online Inflatable Football Soccer Sofa cum Chair by Unique Gadget and surprise your kid with a gift that will keep them both happy and engaged.

Product description

The inflatable sofa cum chair is the perfect fit for your child's room. Not only will it give your child's room a playful appearance but also will be a useful addition. The children are quite active and this air inflatable chair cum sofa will allow them to sit and play on it without you worrying about the sofa getting damaged. The sofa is made up of 0.30 mm thick PVC material ensuring flexibility and durability as this material can withstand physical pressure under any climate and condition. Your child can jump, play, lie down and sit in this bag. The air inside it will act as a cushion protecting your child from falling down or getting hurt. This inflatable bag comes with an impression of a chair made that will help your child get the perfect shape and posture and help them relax. The bag is comfortable to inflate and deflate. The inflatable sofa cum chair is measured 67" x 67" x 19". You can store them at any place as when folded they hardly occupy any space. This bag can take up-to 60 kg of weight. So, if you wish, you can spend a quite afternoon sitting on this air inflatable sofa cum chair. Since the bag is air inflated, you also will not have to worry about changing and maintaining the beans inside this type of bags available. Thus it will not add up any extra cost of maintenance to your budget. This bag comes with two repair patches. So in case the bag gets defected, you can use these patches itself. The bag has an inbuilt air valve that controls the air pressure of the bag and saving it from bursting due to pressure and also helps in filling the air into the bag.

Key features:

Inflatable sofa cum chair

Attractive football soccer design

Strong and durable PVC material

Limited space consumption

Comes with 2 repair patches and an in-built air valve


The design of football soccer gives it a sporty look that is a perfect fit for your child's room décor. You can keep this in your child's room adjacent to the play area so that they can have a relaxing play time with causing harm to any other furniture. Since this bag is made of comfortable design, this can also be used as a reading chair. You can deflate it and take out on a picnic with you and use as a chair or a play object for your child or your own self. Its limited space consumption and deflationary option, the bag is perfectly mobile and can fit into any small package.


The inflatable sofa cum chair is made of PVC which is a synthetic replacement to leather. This is a hardy and quite a durable product. It requires small amount of maintenance to keep the bag in usable condition. It is important to dust the bag weekly with a microfiber cloth to keep it germ and dirt free. If there is visible dirt, then you need to mix warm water with liquid detergent solution and scrub the surface and the back of the bag with a sponge until all the visible dirt is removed. Since this material is not porous, you can directly spray water on the bag and allow the bag to dip dry outside if possible. If the bag gets any stain, then you can use rubbing alcohol or hair spray to remove them. You need to wet a cloth with rubbing alcohol and rub until the stain is removed. This process needs to be repeated for stubborn stains. After removing the stain from the bag, rinse water thoroughly on it to remove alcohol residue. After prolonged use, the bag might turn dull as the polish gets worn off. To bring back the polished look, you can polish it with silicon base sprays such as Armor-all. Remember not to use any dry cleaning solutions on the bag, as it will make the material stiff and uncomfortable.

The inflatable chair cum sofa from the house of Unique Gadget is the ultimate choice for a recreational purpose of your child. Not only that, it also serves as durable furniture with a funky outlook. You can buy online Inflatable Football Soccer Sofa cum Chair by Unique Gadget and bring joy to your child or make a present to birthdays of little ones.  

Product Features

  • Latest type of Air furniture
  • For any age.
  • They Can Sit, Lay Or Do Anything On It
  • Made up of extra thick material
  • Maximum Load Up to 60 Kgs But it works fine upto 60KG

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